June 25, 2024

WHO – iBahia.com – Nearly 100 cases of monkeypox confirmed outside the endemic area

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WHO - iBahia.com - Nearly 100 cases of monkeypox confirmed outside the endemic area
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The World Health Organization confirmed that as of last Saturday (21), 94 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed. It is expected that more cases will be identified as surveillance expands in countries where the disease has not yet been detected.

According to G1, the organization also stated that about 28 suspected cases of the disease have been reported in 15 countries that are not endemic for the virus. The World Health Organization says it will provide more guidance and recommendations in the coming days with the aim of slowing the spread of smallpox.

“Available information indicates that human-to-human transmission occurs between people in close physical contact with symptomatic cases,” Reuters added.

Monkeypox is an infectious disease, endemic to parts of West and Central Africa. Transmission is by close contact, and can be contained relatively easily through measures such as isolation and hygiene.

“What appears to be happening now is that it has entered the population as a sexual form, as a form of genitalia, and is spreading like an STD, amplifying its transmission worldwide,” said David Heymann, one of the officials. .from the World Health Organization and an infectious disease specialist.

However, according to Heymann, in an interview with Reuters International, an international panel of experts met by video to analyze what needs to be studied through the outbreak and communicate it to the public.

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