December 8, 2022
Who is the legless man who participated in the opening of the World Cup?

Who is the legless man who participated in the opening of the World Cup?

Ghanim Al-Moftah vs. Morgan Freeman at the World Cup opening in Qatar (Photo by Adam Davey/PA Images via Getty Images)

Sunday (20) marked the start of the World Cup in Qatar. In the opening match, Ecuador beat the hosts 2-0, with two goals from Enier Valencia. However, before the match, the opening of the World Cup caught the attention of netizens and was one of the most commented topics on social networks.

One of the opening figures is Ghanem Al-Moftah, the 20-year-old influencer, opposite Morgan FreemanđŸ‡§đŸ‡· The young man has a rare disability, caudal regression syndrome (CRS), also known as caudal dysgenesis syndrome or sacral impotence. It is a rare congenital disease characterized by deformity of the spine. This is why the key area lacks both legs.

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The participation of the influencer, who has more than three million followers on all social media sites, was a way to organize the tournament to show the importance of diversity. Qatar is heavily criticized by international organizations for its bias against homosexuals and women.

“I work with such a wide variety of people, of all ages and nationalities, who come together for a purpose. They have given me so much hope for the future. It has been an enriching experience and I have made friends for life. It will be even better at the World Cup,” said Gnin on his official website.

Gnin key ambassador of the cup. In addition to being an influencer, he is a swimming, skateboarding, and mountaineering athlete. Graduated in political science, and aims to become a diplomat.

“As Gnine was growing up, it was difficult for him to go to school at first due to teasing and bullying from his peers. However, his mother encouraged him to speak up, teaching them about his condition and raising awareness in the community,” tells the influencer’s official website.