March 3, 2024

Will Christmas 2023 end? Read the speech of the Minister of Labor

According to the Minister of Labor, Louise Marino, the anniversary of the withdrawal from service time (FGTS) It will be phased out in March this year.

In addition, the feature, chaired by the FGTS Board of Trustees, and available to employees since February 2020, allows employees to withdraw a portion of their FGTS account each year, in the month of their birthday.

The board meeting must agree on the decision to suspend the benefitwhich is supposed to be March 21st only.

We have to finish coordinating the anniversary loot. Existing contracts, let’s not create misrepresentation“, He said Minister of Labourin an interview with GloboNews, last Tuesday (24).

However, according to the minister, the contracts in force will not be interrupted. The minister also reported that one of the problems that does not allow the continuation of the program is that many workers complain about the withholding of FGTS values ​​for a period of two years in the event of dismissal from the job, as soon as Christmas is withdrawn, which allows the withdrawal of part of the individual value.

If the worker is fired, he will be able to withdraw the money related to the termination penalty, but he will not be able to withdraw the full amount. fgts It also works to apply for loans for infrastructure projects, such as building your home.

Because of this, the minister estimated that the memory of the withdrawal The investment fund is weakening to create jobs“Because there are few remaining resources for investments and job creation.”

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