February 28, 2024

Caixa Libera A payment of R$600 to these people today (25)

the Caixa Economica Federal Released on Wednesday (25) first batch of 2023 to a new group of people. On this date, the first payment of the Bolsa Família will be received by the persons who have the final NIS (Social Identification Number) 6.

the first 2023 Pay Bolsa Família It has been passed by Caixa since January 18th. By the 31st, all program beneficiaries will have already received their January payment.

Thus, the beneficiaries will be able to withdraw the benefit from one of the bank’s service channels. The main one is through Caixa Team app. The application is available to all customers and allows users to access their digital social accounts to receive government benefits.

With the Caixa Tem app you can receive your Bolsa Família. In addition, you can make bank transfers, pixels, payment receipts, recharge your cell phone, and also access various banking services offered by Caixa.

Caixa today releases the payment of R$600 to people who earned the last 6 shekels

The new Bolsa Família payment schedule distributes transfers over days according to The last digit of the shekel from each beneficiary. So, every day, a new group can access the value in their accounts.

As during Auxílio Brasil, payments are always made in the second half of the month, except in December, when recipients receive before Christmas.

People who received the last 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 shekels have already received their January 2023 benefits. Check out the full calendar below:

  • Final 1 NIS: January 18 (paid)
  • End of 2 shekels: January 19 (paid)
  • Final 3 NIS: January 20 (paid)
  • End of 4 shekels: January 23 (paid)
  • End of 5 shekels: January 24 (paid)
  • End of 6 shekels: January 25th
  • End of 7 shekels: January 26th
  • End of 8 shekels: January 27
  • End of 9 shekels: January 30th
  • End of 0 shekels: January 31

Changes from Brazilian Aid to Bolsa Família

With the opening of the new Federal Government team, many programs have undergone changes. The first was Auxílio Brasil, which will not be around this year. In its place, the government decided to return with the old Bolsa Familia, from which thousands of Brazilians benefited.

Thus, Bolsa Família is currently the largest income distribution program in the country. But the change raised questions about the new rules for participants.

However, all people who are registered in Auxílio Brasil will be able to participate in the New Bolsa Familia And receive the monthly payment from Caixa Economica Federal.

But it is worth noting that the rules have changed and many families may soon be excluded from the program. This is because the Ministry of Social Development She has already announced that she will be doing a thorough comb over the recordingsIn order to eliminate irregularities and revise the utility.

How will the Bolsa Familia review work in 2023?

The Bolsa Família Review will analyze CadÚnico’s data. Therefore, all people who have an active registration will be invited to update their data. The update is expected to be completed within the first 90 days of the year.

According to the federal government, the intention is to consolidate data from city halls and state governments, in order to implement An update for all citizens registered in Kadeniko.

After updating each individual’s data, the government will conduct a general analysis to filter out those eligible to participate in the program. No people who fit the rules Bolsa Familiabut still do not get the benefit.

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