June 7, 2023
Will Raiola's death affect Halland's future?

Will Raiola’s death affect Halland’s future?

The future of Erling Haaland, the boy from Borussia Dortmund who has already scored 23 goals in 19 matches in Champions League Throughout his career, it has been one of the big questions that will be answered in the upcoming transfer window.

But negotiations over the next club that the Norwegian striker will defend took a heavy toll at the weekend with the death of Italian businessman Mino Raiola, who managed the career of the young star.

The Rafael Reis’ Blog Talk to people who specialize in ball market An international team to try to understand how the farewell of the agent, who also took care of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba, will affect the steps that will be taken from now on by the third-placed team in the German championship.

Since Haaland’s contract was not with the individual Mino Raiola, but with his company and his sports agency, One Sarl, the jersey will continue to be represented by the staff who have already taken an interest in his career.

The firm will now be headed by Brazilian lawyer Rafaela Pimenta, who was the businessman’s right-hand man, and by Vincenzo Raiola, his cousin and partner.

“I don “t think so [que terá algum impacto sobre o futuro de Haaland]. Raffaella was always the negotiator. Mino, the “front man,” analyzed attorney Marcos Motta, who is responsible for managing contracts for most of the top Brazilian players.

But this opinion is not unanimous.

Other professionals interviewed by the report (who requested anonymity) agree that the move for the next Norwegian striker should not be affected and that his potential destination would be Manchester City.

However, they believe that the striker’s chance of establishing himself at the English club and staying there for “a decade” or more has increased dramatically with Raiola’s death.

This is because the Italian businessman was always at war with the managers of the teams that received his players. He was also adept at a management philosophy along the lines of “Between contract renewal or transfer, transfer is better.”

Ibrahimovic, the player who made Raiola known internationally, has played for nine different clubs during his career and hasn’t gone more than four seasons without changing teams. Italian Mario Balotelli followed the same path and already wore ten different shirts.

Haaland signed with Borussia Dortmund at the start of 2020, shortly after his exit from Red Bull Salzburg. Despite having secured a contract with the Germans for another two years, he is expected to change the atmosphere in the next window as his release clause of €80m will come into effect from July.

In addition to the favorite City team, the club where the striker’s father played at the beginning of the century, Barcelona, real madridAnd Bayern MunichChelsea Manchester United PSG also at one point showed an interest in the Norwegian language.

Before switching teams, Haaland still has one last task at Dortmund: securing the German runner-up. Two rounds from the end Bundesliga, the auringros have a five-point lead over third-placed Bayer Leverkusen. As it always happens there, Bayern won the title.