March 4, 2024

will you pay iPhone 15 Ultra launch price leaks

a Iphone It is the favorite mobile phone of many people and hence, the apples, The company responsible for producing this type of smartphone bills its products in thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, every year new, more advanced models appear that drive consumers crazy.

The latest version of apples It was the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was released in September 2022. Given that the production of models is large, the prices of these smartphones are also increasing, but nothing compared to what will come with iPhone 15 Ultra🇧🇷

iPhone 15 Ultra

iPhone 15 Ultra model will be released in September 2023 and according to leakswhich released the information in partnership with the site HowToiSolvethe price of this “strong” smart phones It will be the largest ever released by Apple.

And if you think it will be a basic increase, know that you are very wrong. That’s because the launch should cost around $200 ($1,038.52 USD) more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max prototype.

That is, the iPhone 15 Ultra will hit US shelves at a cost between $1,199 and $1,299. When converting to our beloved Real, it is about R$6,305.00 to R$6,830.00.

The reason for the higher prices for this launch is due to increased inflation and increased production costs.

Moreover, a copy of Titanium From iPhone 15 Ultra, and the price will increase according to the kilogram of the model, starting from $ 35 (182 Brazilian reals) to $ 50 (260 Brazilian reals).

In addition to the reasons mentioned to justify the increase in the launch price, we can also mention a change in the storage space of the device.

Given that 128GB will be eliminated, this would only make 256GB the minimum to be marketed on the new models.

Now, we can only wait to see if the product will actually deliver everything it promises at such a high value.

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