February 27, 2024
William Boehner does not present "Jornal Nacional" for the second day in a row and removes the question of viewers: "Where are you?"

William Boehner does not present “Jornal Nacional” for the second day in a row and removes the question of viewers: “Where are you?”


The journalist did not appear on the platform again and the followers found the situation strange.

William Bonner does not present
© Photo: Reproduction / TV GloboWilliam Boehner does not present ‘Journal National’ for the second day in a row and viewers are asked

On the last night of Thursday (7), it was National Journalevening news Globo TVIt was broadcast and caught the public’s attention. William BonnerThe journalist, who has been at the head of the newsstand for years, didn’t present the show for the second night in a row. Renata Vasconceloshis partner in the news, share the seat with him Flavio Fashil.

This isn’t the first time Bonner has walked away from JN. Earlier this year, the journalist took a long time to recover from COVID-19 after he tested positive. In May, he had to leave due to a voice problem, and soon after, he left again to take his leave.

The lack of explanation for the new absence caused confusion among William’s viewers and his followers. On his social media, comments questioned where he was and what was going to happen: “Where are you in JN?“One asked. Another made a request:”Don’t stray from the Journal Nacional, Bonner“.

So far, neither Globo nor the journalist has explained the situation. It is also not known whether he will be present in the Friday (8) edition of the Journal Nacional and how long this current distance will last.