February 26, 2024
Windows 11 left AMD CPUs up to 15% slower;  The patch arrives this month

Windows 11 left AMD CPUs up to 15% slower; The patch arrives this month

The issues particularly affect applications that rely on cache latency and single core performance

a AMD It recently announced that its processors support it windows 11 May suffer loss of performance thanks to the system that Increases response time for CPU Cache access can result in performance degradation on a single core. The effects are more pronounced in situations where latency significantly affects performance, such as competitive gaming.

a AMD He stated that one of the main reasons for this performance loss is a defect in windows 11 what Increases L3 cache latency by 3x, or at least that’s the value a company can measure. In this way, any application that depends on a good cache latency can be affected.

according to AMDAffected software suffers a loss of 3 to 5% of performance, but NS Sports which may depend more on this response time, performance drops between 10 and 15%. Company states that a Microsoft It is already developing an update to solve this problem, which It should be released later this month.

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However, this is not the only problem mentioned by AMD. According to the company, Windows 11 is also causing problems with the technology. UEFI CPPC2 from AMD, responsible for Select the fastest processor core to perform operations that require single-core performance.

In this way, applications that also depend on the performance of a single core can be affected by this problem (like many games, especially competitive games). But this defect must be Most noticeable on CPUs with more than 8 cores and TDPs above 65W. According to AMD, the issue will also be resolved in a system update scheduled for release later this month (October 2021).

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We recently noticed that a security option called VBS may also affect system performance in some games. If you want to know more about this and how to disable the function, just Access this link here.

Thus, we already have some indication that this first version of Windows 11 may reduce the performance of your system in various ways. If you don’t want to risk losing a bit of performance, it’s a good idea to keep using Windows 10 for a while.

We are still in July We published some performance tests with the two systems that show that they are practically related, with some exceptions where Windows 11 has a slight advantage over Windows 10, but since then Many things have changed with the updates.


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via: Tom’s devices Source: AMD