June 14, 2024

Without pigeon droppings, the Big Bang Theory would not have existed

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Without pigeon droppings, the Big Bang Theory would not have existed

One of the most widely used theories to deduce and attempt to explain the origin of the universe is the theorem the great explosion. However, it is not the only one and there are many others, such as those that indicate a constant movement of expansion and retraction of the entire space.

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The truth is that to this day it is not possible to hammer the hammer on what might be the best theory ever about the origin and evolution of the universe. Nevertheless, the Big Bang is still one of the main causes and perhaps the most accepted among the entire scientific community.

What’s even more impressive is that one of the pieces of evidence that helped the process the most happened because of a little bit of stool pigeon.

The bathroom poop helps illustrate the Big Bang Theory; You understand

Physicists Amo Penzias and Robert Wilson were trying to measure radio waves from other galaxies in 1964. The search was not specific, it was limited only to finding any signal from outside to see what was the noise and what was the legitimate emission.

Therefore, the duo was intended to filter out all noise, such as military waves, radio stations, emissions from the sun, and many others. Thus, it will be easier to select something completely new.

Even after all noise was eliminated, the interference remained. The signal did not change regardless of which direction the antenna was pointed. Therefore, they discarded it as something that could only come from Milky Way.

It was then that they thought the noise was related to some kind of defect or interference in the antenna itself. They cleaned the body and removed the pigeon’s nest which was also there.

Other physicists came to the meeting to help the pair. This is because it was believed that the original radiation of the Big Bang could be perceived anywhere in the universe to this day. They saw that the constant noise was not pigeon droppings, but could be something that is omnipresent all the time.

Thus, the Big Bang gained its first strongest evidence in academic circles. Curious, right?

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