February 1, 2023

Woman arrested after cutting off her roommate’s ventilator twice in a hospital in Germany – News

A retiree turned off the respirator twice because of the annoying sound of the device, in a hospital in the Capital Territory Germany.

Hutton S. M., 72, was “disturbed” by the machine that supplied her roommate with oxygen.

In a press release jointly published by the Mannheim Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Mannheim Police, the authorities claimed that the woman had turned off the ventilator just before 8pm on a November night.

“Although hospital staff told the suspect that supplying oxygen was a vital procedure, she turned off the machine again around 9pm,” the note read.

Doctors attempted to resuscitate the 79-year-old patient, who died of complications from hypoxia.

According to the Daily Mail, Khatun Sy’s son has already spoken to German media and said the mother “couldn’t take her eyes off there because the bed neighbour’s oxygen machine was making a very loud noise, like a tractor.”

“She was exhausted and on medication. But she didn’t want to hurt the woman. It was an act of desperation,” he added.

Hatton S. was arrested. Suspected of murder, her son has since been concerned that she will “die out there”. He claims that the mother “had no idea what she was doing.”

“My mother does not know how to read or write, she only does not understand the Turkish language,” he asked. “How was she supposed to understand this advertisement from the German nurse?” Moreover, she has no idea about machines. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done such a thing.”

As argued by Ibn Khatun S. that the mother should have been moved to another room and immediately informed the family of the situation, because that way, “it would never happen.”

He also apologized for his mother’s actions: “I would like to apologize for all the suffering my mother has brought to the family of the 79-year-old patient. My mother was a victim of these unbearable conditions in the clinic.”

According to him, Khatun Sy “deeply regrets everything and asks for forgiveness.”

In response, the daughter of the deceased said: “Maybe that woman killed my mother, I cannot forgive her for that.”

Investigations are ongoing.

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