August 9, 2022
“Wonderful”: Abel glorifies the Scarpa match and the fans in the return of Palmeiras - 10/26/2021

“Wonderful”: Abel glorifies the Scarpa match and the fans in the return of Palmeiras – 10/26/2021

The adjective that Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira used in Gustavo Scarpa’s match against the sport was “cool”. Palmeiras won 2-1, back, largely due to the excellent performance of the midfielder, who left the bench at halftime and changed the game.

“We needed to make the team sharper and he brought us that,” the coach said. “We chose to get 8 [segundo volante] And put another 10 [meia de armação]”It is to explain.

“We had 36 participations in the game, which shows a lot of team aggressiveness. It goes against some who want to classify our team as a team only defending. No. A balanced team. We played what the game dictated. The players were perfect.”

Like Scarpa, Abel was also commendable with Palmeiras fans, with whom he met for the third time at Allianz Parque.

“[A torcida] Each had an effect. I say this to the camera. everybody. I’ve said this before. You said this crowd wins matches. This is correct. And that’s peace for me because I know it [os jogadores] He will give everything on the field. “The fans are charging,” he said.

“They always say Palmeiras fans are boring, it’s peanuts, and I don’t know what… So far, I only have good things to say. [Quero] Thank from the heart the support, even after the goal. The fans were crucial for us to win this match.”

Just as he did before leaving. Abel again slammed the calendar football Brazilian.

The coach, player, TV and competition organizer must be seated. If you want intensity, you have to rest. FIFA clear in 72 hours rest. You think the more you play, the better. I think otherwise. The rarer the product, the higher its value.

Abel used the press conference to also reiterate his good relations with his followers and refute the criticism.

Some say ‘The teacher lost the locker room, he lost I don’t know what…’ I don’t yell at my players. I like talking to men. Before athletes, they are men. When I feel like I’ve lost the set, I’m the first to stay, there work to be done.” .

“I have already said that I am not perfect and I make mistakes. But, aside from being humble, I love to study football. This is what I do every day and I have a lot of time. I don’t have a family to study with. It is a hassle. I focus on studying and developing,” he said.