February 27, 2024
Wong has been admitted to a non-specific virus prevention hospital

Wong has been admitted to a non-specific virus prevention hospital

Doctor Anthony Wong has been hospitalized with the new coronavirus at Prevent Senior Hospital in the Item Bibi neighborhood of São Paulo. However, according to attorney Bruna Morato, who represents the health operator’s physicians, this unit does not serve patients with the disease.

“Dr Anthony Wong has been hospitalized in the unit called the iTime unit, which is a non-virus-infected unit, usually for heart patients,” the lawyer said in his testimony today to the Covid-19 CPI (Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry).

When contacted, Prevent Senior Consultants confirmed that in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, three units were dedicated to the exclusive care of COVID-19 patients. According to the press office, Itim Bibi unit was not among them, but it came to receive patients with the disease because it contains isolated beds for infectious diseases.

In her testimony, the attorney insisted that Anthony Wong, despite having the virus, had not been isolated. “What shocks me is not only the fact that he used prophylaxis and that he was a test rat for certain treatments, but the fact that he was admitted to the cardiology unit among so many other patients, which put the lives of those people who were part of those who were with him in the intensive care unit, who did not have isolation due to the Corona virus.”

Prevent Senior denies disrespecting isolation.

Anthony Wong was a pediatrician, toxicologist, and professor at the University of the South Pacific (University of São Paulo). He was admitted with covid-19 in November 2020 and died on January 15 this year. While hospitalized, he used the so-called “Covid Kit”, which today has been shown to be ineffective against COVID-19. These treatments were used with permission from Wong, who used to advocate for the group.