June 26, 2022
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Xuxa will introduce a new reality on Amazon: ‘A kiss for the biased’

NS Amazon Prime Video This Wednesday (6) announced her new reality show. Worthy Caravana das Drags, will be by order of Xuxa Meneghel They will chase Brazilian artists from all over the country in a contest for the title of “Suprema Drag” as they travel to different cities across Brazil in a runaway bus.

This announcement comes less than 10 days after Bullitt Pink, the famous drag queen, Having said that Xuxa has given up on presenting Drag Race Brasil, as expected before On the small screen Exclusively, after receiving criticism from the LGBTQIA+ community. By the way, on Instagram, she announced her new project and sent a message to critics:

“For the many who chanted… Well, I’ll have a lot of fun. For the many who have raised their noses… Well, I’ll say I’ll have fun. My kisses to the entire LGBTQIA+ community and to those I respect, and your kisses goodbye to fanatics.”

Xuxa and Ikaro Kadashi, one of the industry’s most respected racers, will be presenters of Caravana das Drags, created and developed for Prime Video, streamed in over 240 countries. The competition will feature artists from all over the country, who will tour different cities and face different challenges in the cultural traditions of each location.

The new reality of Xuxa on Amazon

The exhibition will feature a group of judges It consists of presenters and special guests who will represent the local culture of each city. At the end of each episode, a raffle will be eliminated, so only the finalists remain. “We are excited about this idea,” said Mallo Miranda, Head of Brazilian Original Content at Amazon Studios.

“The reality show combines flights and competition to celebrate the art of drag, all while taking the audience to learn about different places in Brazil in great style. We feel very fortunate to have Xuxa and Ikaro as presenters and to be able to bring together clouds from several different cities.”

According to Mallo, Caravanna das Drags would show the diversity and pluralism of the country, more than just a competition between artists. “We provide our customers with a unique cloud culture experience full of joy and brilliance,” he added.