January 29, 2023

Yanomamis with the help of SUS suffered from diarrhea and malnutrition

In Boa Vista (RR), a team from the National Force of SUS (Unified Health System) Served 90 natives todaywho were examined by the nursing staff and then received medical care.

The main causes have been found worms AnemiaAnd Diarrhea seer Pneumoniamalaria and malnutrition.

Attendance balance

  • 38 boys, 18 girls, 22 women and 12 men attended;
  • Of these, five people were taken to hospital.
  • and eight were hospitalized in Kasai itself (Indigenous Health Home)
  • The level of severity of the cases varied, with the predominance of moderate cases and the incidence of some severe cases.

In fact, the entire population is, on the whole, in a very advanced state of malnutrition. So, the Aboriginal people’s therapeutic approach is very different from what we are used to dealing with on a daily basis.
Antonio Cedem, FN-SUS volunteer emergency physician

According to the Ministry of Health, SUS specialists arrived at the end of Monday night (23) to reinforce care in Kasai, which suffers from overcrowding and should receive, in the coming days, assistance from a field hospital, in cooperation with the Armed Forces. forces.

A health and humanitarian crisis. 570 Yanomami children died from mercury contamination, malnutrition, and starvation “due to the impact of illegal mining activities in the area,” according to the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples.

The Ministry of Health declared a state of emergency to combat the health care shortage affecting the Yanomami River. The decree was published in an additional edition of the DOU (Official Gazette) It has been in effect since last Friday (20).