February 28, 2024

“You will make some happy and others sad”; Vitor Pereira may prevent the number 10 shirt from playing with Flamengo

With the Club World Cup approaching, it has become Flamingo He uses every minute to resolve any situation that ends up getting in the way or helping behind the scenes, with an eye on 2023. The team led by Vitor Pereira must have news, whether it involves the arrival of reinforcements, or the departure of those who are not. Part of the planning.

So far, names such as Diego Alves, Diego Ribas and Rodini have said goodbye, but there are still unspecified positions, such as Hugo Souza, Gabriel Noga and Matheus França, for example, who may soon be negotiated. Knowing this, the Flemish leaders keep their eyes open on the market, waiting for the “golden” opportunities to flood into Javea.

After the departure of the previous number 10, until participation in the coverage of the Qatar World Cup, Fans are constantly asking for a new autograph for the positionspecifically to play alongside or in an Arrascaeta vacancy, when the Uruguay national team is not available, whether due to call-ups, injuries or suspensions.

In this line, gringo appears as a possibility: Juan Quintero, from Shenzhen, China, on loan to River Plate, but is of great interest to Mais Querido. However, the Argentines are trying to get permanence, Precisely because of the quality shown on the field, he has provided 7 assists and scored 7 goals in 34 games this season.

However, according to information collected by journalist Venê Casagrande, The board of directors left it to Vitor Pereira to decide whether or not the cariocas would formalize a proposal for the Colombian, that is, the decision would make some happy and others sad, because the Portuguese player needs to make an internal evaluation with his technical team. A committeespecifically to come to a conclusion about how much his presence in the cast is worth.