June 24, 2024

Your iPhone keeps a list of the most visited places; Learn to delete | productivity

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Your iPhone keeps a list of the most visited places;  Learn to delete |  productivity

cell phone Iphone (iOS) Recording the history of the most visited places by the user through a native feature called “Places of Interest”. The tool has a list format and, when accessed, displays many of the addresses already visited as well as the most visited sites. In addition, it is also possible to know the date and time of visits. Record storage starts from the first login to iCloud, but it is possible to disable the tool. Here’s what it is and how to clear your POIs history.

iPhone 13 red (back) – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

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What is the feature and how does it work?

Places of Interest is a native tool for iPhone (iOS) mobile phones. The feature stores the places the user frequently visits, as well as the names of cities and neighborhoods, and dates and times. according to An applethe device uses this information to understand the places the user likes to visit, and then, to be able to make relevant suggestions.

The mechanism works through GPS which stores data and is able to generate a detailed report on displacements. The algorithm that makes the selections analyzes the number of times and how long the user spends on the site. Everything happens in the background without the need to activate the permission or send notifications.

POIs feature available for iPhone (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Beatriz Maxima

In addition to using the data obtained to provide personal information – about weather or traffic, for example – the system also makes use of important locations to try to predict where a user will travel at a given time. For example, if you go to dance classes every Wednesday, you can see the location above the app’s suggestions. Apple Maps At that day.

Find a destination on Apple Maps – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandez

Is Location History on iPhone (iOS) Safe?

According to Apple, Significant Places uses end-to-end encryption to keep data secure, so even the company itself can’t access the information. Locations are not sent to servers, so they are only used by apps installed on the iPhone, such as Apple Maps itself. However, it is important to remember that the feature can be easily introduced by users or malicious apps. Therefore, the ideal option is to avoid this type of job.

How to view and disable the tool?

If you want to view the favorite places you’ve visited, go to your iPhone settings and look for the option “Privacy”. then press “Site services” then in System Services. To finish, press “Important sites”.

If you want to disable the tool, disable the switch next to “Important sites” then in “disable”. To clear the location history, press “Clean record”And the in the bottom corner of the screen.

Disable the Places of Interest widget on iPhone – Photo: Reproduction / Beatriz Maxima

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