June 14, 2024

“Your mother is now the owner of this farm.”

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“Your mother is now the owner of this farm.”


The Colonel’s son will be banned from the property and ends up finding out that the family’s land has been taken over by his mother

Mar do Sertão: strikes Deodora and drives out Tertulinho: "owner of this farm
Mar do Sertão: Deodora hits and kicks out Tertulinho: “The owner of this farm” Image: Gshow reproduction.

Pedra was about to boil with the city chief’s tires. And the vibes in Mar do Sertão, the hit TV series at 6pm on Globo, promise strong vibes in the following seasons. Deodora (Debora Bloch) has already proven that she can do anything to achieve even the most ruthless goals. And to get them, she will go with her son.

Sertolinho (Renato Jos), after being drugged and taken back to his apartment in the city, is going back to the Palmeral hacienda. He will discover that he was a victim of his mother when Catao (Dio Garcés) bans him from entering the property. “What’s going on here, Cato?” he asks. “I can’t let you into the farm, little colonel.”The foreman will answer.

Mar do Sertão: Deodora hits and kicks out Tertulinho: “The owner of this farm” Image: Gshow reproduction.

Enraged at the absurdity, the colonel’s son manages to enter the farmhouse and ends up bumping into Marcio Castro (Gabriel Godoy), sitting in the office, as if he owns the place. The lawyer then takes the opportunity to break the news to the farmer: “This is the decision of the Pau d’Alho County Judge, who authorizes the return of the property to Diodora Aguiar”.

Tertolinho would be surprised by his mother’s attitude, not believing that she was actually capable of striking him, on the spot in a fragile moment. “Your mother now owns this farm and all the rest of the family assets.”She will tell her son. “Can you repeat it? I didn’t hear right…”, he will say. Marcio Castro approached the farmer to repeat the news, but Tertolinho, deeply disgusted by his audacity, struck the lawyer.

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