February 6, 2023

Your Whatsapp can stop! These forms without the application in February

the The WhatsApp It is one of the most popular apps for Brazilians. The ease of instant messaging and the communication generated between people is perhaps the key to success. However, Meta, the company that owns the brand, has announced that some smartphones will no longer be compatible.

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This is because, with every update and evolution of mobile devices, app developers reinforce the importance of keeping their apps updated. In practice, this ends up making it impossible to update outdated hardware and software, causing the tools to stop working.

In total, two models of iPhone and other smartphones will no longer support WhatsApp starting next month. Check out what they are:


In the case of the devices you produce An appleWhatsApp has stopped working on phones that have versions prior to iOS 12. In other words, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and finally iPhone 6 Plus.

Previously, the Meta announced that iOS 12.1 would also no longer support the messenger, which means that iPhone 5 and 5C owners will no longer be able to update the messaging tool. In the case of these last two devices, they are almost the same age as WhatsApp, that is, they were launched in 2012.


As for the system users android, the novelty affects many brands, such as Samsung Galaxy series smartphones, LG Optimus, Huawei Ascend and other brands. In short, it should be noted that the service will be stopped on devices that have an operating system prior to version 4.1.

Therefore, those owners of mobile phones who do not want to be without an outdated messenger will need to purchase the latest smartphone models, thereby ensuring the use of technology.