February 28, 2024

ZapGPT brings artificial intelligence to your daily life on WhatsApp

Yes, it is possible to integrate GPT-3.5 (ChatGPT) into WhatsApp, taking advantage of the continuous advancements in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has shown great influence in many fields in recent days. In addition to creating texts and articles, it also has the ability to create images.

Now, imagine enjoying these facilities offered by ChatGPT, in a more convenient way, without having to access the OpenAI website and sometimes waiting for a long time for a response.

All this can be solved by simply adding a phone number to your contacts. Thus, you will be ready to interact with the OpenAI chat bot through WhatsApp.

“Hi ChatGPT, how are you?”

An incredibly creative naming for this function, we have to point out that its name is “ZapGPT”, a name that directly refers to ChatGPT, a widely used tool in today’s virtual world.

a ZapGPT Directly connected to the original OpenAI chatbot, which we already know. This project is the result of the initiative of talented Brazilians, who had a great idea to create this integration between WhatsApp and ChatGPT.

They’ve worked hard to develop this functionality that allows for a smooth and accessible experience when using GPT-3.5 with Brazil’s most popular messaging app.

How do I add ZapGPT?

First, you obviously need to install the messaging application on your cell phone, in the same way as adding the number of your friends or family members to your contact list, just add the number +55 (11) 91000-2248, and the hardest part will already be done.

Photo: www.showmetech.com.br/ reproduction

After adding ZapGPT as your most recent contact, you’re ready to start an amazing experience. Before starting the interaction, it will be necessary to accept the carefully prepared Terms of Use, ensuring the security and proper operation of the Service.

Once you agree to the terms, you will find a world of possibilities at your fingertips. With enthusiasm, you will be able to ask your questions to the chatbot, and explore the depths of GPT artificial intelligence.

It will be like having a virtual assistant always on hand, ready to provide insightful answers, guidance, and even valuable suggestions. From that moment on, you will have continuous and immediate access to a rich dialogue, all with the convenience and practicality of WhatsApp.

Imaging and ZapGPT

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, it is important to highlight the additional facilities that you will enjoy when using ZapGPT. This innovative integration provides advanced features such as the ability to send voice messages to the chatbot, allowing for more natural and convenient communication.

Photo: www.showmetech.com.br/ reproduction

Even more impressive is ZapGPT’s ability to generate images. Yes, you read correctly! With this function, you can simply ask the AI ​​to create specific images and amazingly, it will produce them with great accuracy and quality.

ZapGPT’s creativity and ingenuity really shows in this amazing experiment.