March 1, 2024
Zinho criticizes Botafogo coach's statement about the Brazilians' lack of knowledge of Quinho: "I was a world champion and there is a coach who does not know me"

Zinho criticizes Botafogo coach’s statement about the Brazilians’ lack of knowledge of Quinho: “I was a world champion and there is a coach who does not know me”

Technical statement BotafogoAnd the Luis Castrowhich surprised many Brazilians who do not know Tequinho Soares It has been criticized by the commentator zhenhufrom ESPN. The former player considered that it is not the duty of commentators and fans to know all the athletes, noting that Glorioso’s approach No. 9 does not include the big clubs.

– Why is it surprising that they do not know Tiquinho? For those looking for boosts, the performance analysis segment, that’s their job, all on their own. I’m here as a commentator I don’t know, I don’t know all the guys. I was a world champion and there is a coach in Brazil who doesn’t know me, passes me, doesn’t welcome me. Will I be upset about this? The guy has no obligation, and suddenly he did not see that moment – said Zinho on the “Sportscenter” program.

A lot of people in the press didn’t follow Tequinho, who didn’t play for any big team in Brazil. Abroad, one of the most famous clubs, let’s put it this way, he only played in Porto and Olympiacos. I don’t know if (Luis Castro), for example, would ever pass me by and recognize me. I think he’s a great coach, but less than that. That thing from the coach who goes to the press conference and knows what to ask, and talks… It’s all his – he added.

World champion with the Brazilian national team in 1994, Zinho realized that many people, not knowing the player, end up making early and unfair criticism.

There are also a lot of people who don’t know how to analyze and underestimate the man, and disrespect the man, so I agree with Luis Castro, you have to wait for the man to play. And I applaud Tekinho, he’s playing very well, and I didn’t know him,” he admitted.