January 29, 2023
3 blessed verses answered their prayers

3 blessed verses answered their prayers

The year is not over yet, and the stars have some good news for some zodiac signs in December 2022. November was an intense month, including eclipses, moving many people’s lives and bringing some topics close, opening the way for the new.

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Now, with the Sun season in Sagittarius (along with many other stars in this sign), the air is lighter and news can come out. Check out the predictions for some signs in particular.


Jupiter has already resumed its direct movement after retrograde, which benefits Earth signs, including Virgo. Its ruler, Mercury, is in Sagittariuswhich brings an extra push, enthusiasm and desire to meet new people.


Another sign that benefits from the direct motion of Jupiter. Now is the time for Pisceans to analyze scenarios more calmly and make better decisions. If you get it now, the benefits will continue. Once the contemplation phase is over, new projects and relationships enter Pisces’ lives.


With many planets in this SignalNow is the time for Sagittarius to shine. The advice is to take advantage of the time to show up more, start projects, take risks, and expose yourself to new things (which isn’t hard for a Sagittarius!). At the end of November, there was a New Moon in this sign, so the phase of beginnings is already taking place in the lives of those born with the Sun in Sagittarius.


Jupiter will enter this sign on December 21st, bringing with it good news and expanding what is already good in your life. That is, projects already underway will gain a boost from the star to achieve further results. It’s a great time for company launches, products and services, celebrations, and news in general.