February 27, 2024
5 Hot Topics for Brazil This Week - Hour Times

5 Hot Topics for Brazil This Week – Hour Times

Command change in Petrobras with AGM on the 13th (Image: REUTERS / Sergio Moraes)

Intensification of expectations about austerity raises market attention Of CPI United StatesIt should be no more than 8% in twelve months ECB And speeches by the leaders of the American, European and Japanese BCs. Bank balances move stocks in New York. Summarized by the Easter holiday, the week begins with a meeting between the unions BCIt can be completed in two weeks without disclosure Focus search. Then IPCA Salt, IBGE data will test the sense of progress in the process at the beginning of the year. Petroprose (PETR3;PETR4) To confirm the new CEO. In politics, Lula and Bolzano are mixed without Moro.


Expectations of austerity in the United States could be hurt by Tuesday’s CPI, which stands at 1.2% on a monthly basis and 8.4% on an annualized basis, as well as new reports by Lael Brainard and other Fed leaders. ECB President Christine Lagarde will speak after the European Central Bank’s decision on Thursday.

During the week there will still be retail and industrial data in the United States, inventory in China and a report by the President of Japan BC. Chinese inflation is coming out this Sunday and the 13th in the UK and the 13th. Stock markets should also reflect the issuance of balance sheets by US banks such as JPMorgan, Citi, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs. Inflation could weigh on in the first round of France’s presidential election on Sunday.

Activity and strike

After the March IPCA increased faster than expected, operating numbers gained weight. IBGE will release services data on February 12th, retail on February 13th and IBC-Br on February 14th.

The weekly schedule will open on Monday through the IPC-Fipe of the 1st quadrissemana in April. The Focus survey and other data calculated by the central bank have been postponed due to a strike at the company.

President Roberto Campos will meet with Neto unions on Monday. The market raised premiums for additional celiac gains after May this week, with the IPCA above all estimates and facing the worst approach by the central bank in the United States.

The dollar returns to R $ 4.70

The dollar withdrew minutes after Federer’s part of a slump in 2022, and bad talk by central bank officials raised expectations of a more aggressive tightening of monetary policy in the United States. On Monday the currency closed below BRL 4.60, before rising again in the following sessions and crossing BRL 4.70 again, with positive flow and a fall driven by higher commodities. For the year, the real is still the best growing currency, with an accumulated return of more than 17%.

Election polarization

This week the market is focusing on polls that maintain the polarity between Lula and Jair Bolsanaro. In the absence of former Minister Sergio Moro in the controversy, the PT’s advantage was small but significant. An article by Loro Jordim from Globo states that the depreciation of Lula’s recent reports and the slight recovery in Bolsanaro’s popularity have kept PT members alert. On the other hand, columnist Tales Faria says government allies will be concerned that polls suggest Lula’s chance of winning the first round because of Moro’s absence and the possibility of a single candidate running in the 3rd round election. , Of Uol.

Petrobras CEO

The command change in Petrobras should be in focus with the AGO on the 13th. The government has appointed Jose Muro Ferreira Goyalho, the current chairman of PPSA, to head the company. For the chairman of the committee, the shareholders will analyze the name of the director Marcio Andrade Weber. Appointments were sent by the Ministry of Mines and Energy after a series of withdrawals from those listed to acquire the state-owned company. On the 12th, Ambev celebrates his Investor Day. The auction for the Rio Grande do Sully Highways offer is taking place on the 13th.