August 9, 2022
5 more topics affecting default risk and stock market in US - 10/01/2021

5 more topics affecting default risk and stock market in US – 10/01/2021

Follow it at Cafe com Mercado UOL, Six news that could move the market this Friday (1st), and one company to keep track of.

1) Default in the United States? – On Thursday (30), U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen again warned Congress that the evidence for the fulfillment of US government obligations, such as social security and the payment of interest on government bonds, would end on October 13.

This date is earlier than analysts predicted, and according to her, the situation will be resolved only by raising the government’s debt ceiling.

Without much evidence, the US government is in danger of failing for the first time in history.

Item may move markets this Friday (1st).

2) Budget in the United States – On Thursday (30), the US House of Representatives approved a measure guaranteeing sources of government funding until December 3.

The purpose of this measure is to prevent the public machine from being shut down due to lack of resources.

The approval brings relief to the market, as it did after the stock market closed here, so it can move the market today.

Nevertheless, the impediment to raising the government’s debt ceiling has not yet been resolved.

3) Income in the United States – The United States is releasing this Friday (1st) report, which measures the average income and average consumer spending in the country in August.

These data reflect the economic health of the population, which is one of the keys to warming the economy. Therefore, research may affect the market today.

4) National Accounts This Friday (1), IBGE releases quarterly data on GDP, tax on goods, personal consumption, government consumption and imports and exports.

This data gives investors an idea of ​​income generation and distribution in the country and allows the national economy to be compared with other parts of the world. This will affect the confidence of investors and can move the stock market today.

5) Inflation in the eurozone Inflation in the eurozone developing countries will be released this Friday (1st). On Thursday (30), German inflation hit a record high of 4.1% in September, the highest since January 1997.

The rise in inflation is a growing concern around the world because it could force countries’ central banks to cut back on stimulus to economies faster than expected.

6) Business Confidence – Today, FGV publishes a study on the confidence of traders in the country. The market is also showing the willingness of entrepreneurs for new investments and new hires.

Watch out

Keep an eye out today, Recommended Actions from the Analytical Home, which brings Bridesco Bank (BBDC4Radar of investors.

According to analysts at home, the rise in interest rates will benefit the banking sector, which tends to make more profit from loans.

Among the banks in the sector, Prodesco (BBDC4There is more activity in loans to individuals and companies.

In addition, home analysts believe that the bank’s shares are far from the fair price among companies in the banking sector, i.e., the price of the shares is lower than they actually are worth.

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