March 26, 2023

A ban on Russian uranium supplies to the United States would severely affect its industry, the expert says

A group of US senators proposed in a statement to ban uranium imports from Russia

Sputnik – A possible ban on the entry of enriched uranium from Russia into the United States will affect the US nuclear industry so severely that such a move will be impossible in the coming years, Alexander Uvarov, editor-in-chief of the nuclear energy portal AtomInfo, told Sputnik.

Earlier in the day, a group of US senators proposed in a statement banning uranium imports from Russia.

“Before, there was one thing that one could see endlessly in the world’s nuclear industry – Poland preparing to build a nuclear power plant. [e nunca o consegue]. Now there is a second one – how American politicians are trying to ban the import of enriched uranium from Russia,” said Uvarov.

“In fact, a ban on the entry of enriched uranium produced by Russia into the United States would greatly affect the US nuclear industry, at least for the next few years I do not believe that such a ban is possible. But if the ban is adopted anyway, it will be, according to the American tradition, there will be many exceptions to the ban, the ban will be a propaganda fiction”, The expert underlined.

Proceed after suggestions

Considering that many US nuclear power plants operate with zero or negative profit from an economic point of view, the rejection of Russian uranium will make the increase in the price of nuclear fuel “such a straw. The camel’s back”, Uvarov previously told the agency.

The US nuclear industry is the world’s largest energy producer. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) PRIS database, there are currently 93 nuclear generating units in operation in the United States with a total installed capacity of 95.5 GW, which produces about 20% of the nation’s electricity. Russia’s share of uranium supplies to the US nuclear industry is about 20%.

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