September 24, 2023
A hypersonic jet from the United States to New York-London within 1 hour

A hypersonic jet from the United States to New York-London within 1 hour

Supersonic aviation is once again becoming a reality and some companies are already working on aircraft that cross the sound barrier. Boom Supersonics, A Virgin Atlantic E.A. Lockheed / NASA. But there is room for a more accessible market for so-called hypersonic aircraft. Noting this, Herms announced the development of the Quarterhorse, whose jet could travel from New York to London within an hour.

According to Hermஸs, headquartered in Atlanta / USA, the Quarterhorse will be equipped with the only General Electric engine of integrated rotation, which will provide this amazing performance. This propulsion system uses a stationary jet engine for launching and landing, and requires a second turbine — so-called Ramjet or Scramjet — for high-speed ventilation.

When looking at the material and art of the prototype, first, it becomes clear that there will be a military appeal on the plane. The company studies that its speed is Mac 5.5 or 6789.8 km / h – in addition to 7400 km autonomy – so it is necessary to make progress in the development of a product that may be in the future, because, in flight, every dollar is counted towards projects.

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The project has been going on for nine months and has received a $ 60 million contribution from the U.S. Air Force. Initially, only the engines were tested and were successful, but by 2023, Hermஸ்s expects the first small-scale aircraft to take off for the first time. However, the plan is to have commercial passenger aircraft by 2030.

(Revelation / Hermes)

It is always good to remember that the last commercial aircraft that worked above the speed of sound was Anglo-French Concord, Retired since 2003.

Source: Yahoo

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