February 27, 2024
Entertainment vehicles, especially the stylish Airstream model, have been refurbished into guest rooms in hotels, inns and camps across the United States.

A new style of accommodation is growing in the United States: immovable stylish motor homes

Every year, millions of Americans pack their trailers and take to the road to join the seasonal, nomadic communities that form in parks and campgrounds located in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

According to the stereotype, the recreational vehicle (RV) usually only takes retirees, but the truth is that it attracts more young people than ever before, inspired by the desire to live in small spaces and, to some extent, forced by the resulting crisis.

According to the North American Camping Report 2021 Private Camp Network’s Compounds, RV usage has continued to grow since 2014, with a record 13 million households by 2020. Ownership in the 18-year-old 34 range has also grown significantly as shown in GoArving. 2021 RV Owner Population Profile, this group now stands at 22%.

Entertainment vehicles, especially the stylish Airstream model, have been refurbished into guest rooms in hotels, inns and camps across the United States.
Entertainment vehicles, especially the stylish Airstream model, have been refurbished into guest rooms in hotels, inns and camps across the United States, as well as at the Falmouth Auto Camp in Massachusetts. Photo: Matt Kisside / via the New York Times

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For design enthusiasts who grew up in the era of boutique hotels, the RV is a must. In fact, some models and parks have been designed towards them, living in a luxurious and Scandinavian-influenced style, which has led to sites such as cabin pornography and transformed many of the fallen motels in the Gateskills area of ​​New York State.

But those who decided to get their hands dirty did a complete overhaul of the vehicles, giving the charm of a contemporary salad and, at the same time, sharing style notes on the chains. Manufacturers have rolled up their sleeves, offering styling options — the latest partnership with Airstream’s Battery Barn, which has resulted in a special edition trailer, and stylish retro works by newer companies such as Hepper Camper.

It leaves room for rediscovering the park experience – and architects, decorators and entrepreneurs are rushing to fill it. At Bay Point Landing in Goose Bay, Oregon, the office has created a seasonal community for NBP capital with unnamed professional decoration company JHL Design, covered in dark cedar singles and adorned with sensible furniture. The results are in “Wallpaper” and “Devil”.

– We joked that we want to create something like the Ace Hotel version of VR Parks, in other words, provide a unique experience. What amazed us was the need for this kind of space, where you can escape and enjoy nature, but share it with others — explains Christian Robert, one of the office directors.

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Visitors can come with their own RV, stay in one of the available airstreams or book a salad on wheels. Until recently, prices ranged from $ 70 to $ 300 per night. You can always be alone or interact with other travelers at headquarters, which include a heated pool, gym, events venue and playroom; There is an option to explore other common areas on the approximately 42 hectare property.

– The resort combines the beauty of nature with the latest design, in other words, this is the perfect place to be for that “Instagram moment”. Our target audience is young people under the age of 20 who do not want to spend a lot to enjoy a luxurious aesthetic; He wants a simple but carefully planned space, ”said Holly Freres, director of JHL.

Auto Camp RV helps those who want to enjoy the lifestyle, but without owning a vehicle. All accommodation is in custom airstream trailers, as well as some wheel cabins and luxury tents. The chain has two addresses in California (Yosemite National Park and the Russian River) and opened one-third of the Cape Cod earlier this year. Expansion plans include the Gateskill Mountains in New York and Joshua Tree National Park in California and Zion National Park in Utah.

Each space is inspired by modernity and using lines inspired by the 1950s and 60s, antique chic materials such as wood, hard natural stone and dark steel in black and yellow tones. There will always be a central circular fireplace in everything.

– Our mission is to connect people with nature and with each other. We may have chosen to follow the style of the most traditional hotel and built permanent rooms and suites, large structures, but these are things that do not fit with the philosophy of admiring nature. Spreading multiple airstreams across such a large property allows demand on the terrain to be low, otherwise it would be impossible to reach places with such a large structure as we have – says Auto Spurs decorative director Will Spursum.

Airstream model trailers used as standard rooms at an auto camp in Falmouth, Massachusetts Photo: McEntry / Read via The New York Times
Airstream model trailers used as standard rooms at an auto camp in Falmouth, Massachusetts Photo: McEntry / Read via The New York Times

The company started by upgrading old trailers, but is now developing custom units with Airstream that have begun to invest in the chain. The units have walnut plank floors, minimalist lighting with light fixtures and spa-like bathrooms with sliding doors; The seats are designed by famous architects and decorators.

For example, the workshop / ABD, located in New York and renowned for modern, exclusive homes and new urban design, is responsible for the Cape Cod branch near Falmouth, Massachusetts, where airstream rates have recently been small and the company operates at Gates Skills in the West Sourdies for over $ 300 and over $ 500. , Which is expected to open between March and April 2022.

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Auto camp trailers are usually designed to stay in one place, but New York Hospitality start-up Moliving plans to use the operation of these units to its advantage. The company plans to open its first project, called Hurley House, near Kingston, at $ 259 a day in the coming months. .

For example, you can take units close to the sea and create a beach community in the summer, and then, during the colder months, change them back to accommodate winter sports enthusiasts.

“We really built a hotel with the ability to move body,” says Jordan Pem, founder and CEO of Moliving.

Developed by SG Blocks, a manufacturer of prefabricated and mobile structures, the Moving Trailer is designed for alternative use in electrical and water networks, and is equipped with photovoltaic panels, water tank and septic tank in addition to the water reservoir. Gray water. An integrated deck and two motor-fitted single beds make up the size of a king.

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This type of shelter is a great attraction to take anywhere during epidemics, but the architects in charge of these projects believe that the demand will exceed any increase as they race on the nostalgia of good vintage car trips through the area. North American.

According to Robert, OfficeUntitle continues to build mobile cabins for pay point landing and is sought after by other builders who want to create similar camps.

At Autocamp, the demand from the onset of the disease is higher than our initial expectations; Now the company is already studying the possibility of expansion for at least half a dozen new addresses – Spursem concludes.