June 1, 2023
A storm with wind and hail hits Santa Maria Maddalena - SF Notícias

A storm with wind and hail hits Santa Maria Maddalena – SF Notícias

The passage of the cold front near the southeast coast increases instability and the risk of storms. Earlier, SF Notícias warned of the possibility of heavy rain in the area, and it came, at least in some places. In Santa Maria Maddalena, resident Willian Rigoto Teixeira, better known as Mano, recorded the moment a storm hit the city with gusty winds and hail. According to him, the heavy rain accompanied by many winds and lightning lasted about 15 minutes.

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Despite the panic, he has not yet recorded any incidents caused by the storm. Our newsroom has called the municipality’s civil defense and is waiting for a response. Manu’s daughters, Rela and Kiara, took the opportunity to record the hailstorm. Watch the video below or on Insta> Tweet embed.

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In our region, there are also reports of hail falling on the border between Santo Antonio de Padua and Pirappinga. There, the force of the wind carried tiles from some houses and brought down trees on the RJ-186.

Earlier, the National Meteorological Institute issued an alert for the risk of rain between 20 and 30 mm/hour or up to 50 mm/day, and high winds (40-60 km/h). The warning is valid for all area cities until Tuesday morning, but in the alert (see here), there was no warning of possible hail.