March 30, 2023
According to Donica, American drivers can use the F1 in the United States

According to Donica, American drivers can use the F1 in the United States

Colton Herta, currently Andrei’s IndyCar driver

Photo: Andrei Autosport / Revelation

Formula 1 lives in an eternal back and forth relationship with the United States. Due to the enormous potential of the US market, this segment has made several attempts to expand its presence and popularity in the country, but it has faced some opposition as it has always faced competition from local brands such as NASCAR and Formula Indy. Still, a number of attempts.

Formula 1 reached its 41st edition in the US Grand Prix 2021, but that number is many times higher than the country is referring to. In the early days of F1, from 1950 to 1960, the 500 miles of Indianapolis were part of the calendar. Then came the GP of the United States West, held in Long Beach between 1976 and 1983. Meanwhile, between the entrances and exits, Caesar Palace GP (Las Vegas) and Detroit GP were added. There was also the Dallas GP in the 80s. F1 has been raced three times in 1982 in the same country, and this record is only equivalent to the 2020 epidemic calendar.

However, since 1989, Formula 1 has only traveled to the United States once a year – at most. There was no GP in the United States between 1992 and 1999, then from 2008 to 2011. There has never been an interest in re-exposing the brand strongly in the North American region, but it is not clear how to exploit this segment. Desire in recent years. Until Liberty Media arrives.

Under the tutelage of an American media team, F1 Bernie knew how to better exploit its brand than it was at the end of the era and became popular in the United States, especially after the success of the Drive Two series, via Netflix. With the updated fan base in the country, with the addition of Miami GB, there will be two races back in 2022.

Former driver Donica Patrick, who has worked successfully at IndyCar and NASCAR, spoke to SkySports about the Americans’ relationship with Formula 1 and highlighted the importance of the documentary series on the game’s popularity among his countrymen: “Hey, have you seen it now? ” It’s humanizing, telling stories, it’s a great way to understand what’s going on in the game. ”

For Donica, having one more race helps, but once the popularity among American fans grows, the only way for a local driver to compete is: “If there was an American driver they might be rooting, I think we’ll see it. More great coverage here. Even though the game is informative, there is a reason to cover it up and I think it would be helpful.

Tanica Patrick made her last appearance in 2018 at the Indianapolis 500 Miles

Tanica Patrick made her last appearance in 2018 at the Indianapolis 500 Miles

Photo: Women on Motorsport / Twitter

Are indie drivers returning to F1 attractive?
Over the past 30 years, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jack Villeneuve have been the most successful examples of drivers coming from India, winning the 1997 F1 title with Canadian Williams. There were also the likes of Michael Andrei and Sebastian Portois who did not achieve what was expected.

Recently, Romain Grosjean, Marcus Erickson and Kevin McNussen migrated from Europe to the American genre, but the opposite did not happen for a few years. Pato O Ward test by McLaren in Abu Dhabi Refers to the possible fold in the “transmission” between Formula 1 and indie drivers.

However, one day McLaren could be integrated into Formula 1, and for one simple reason Pato O’Ward did not have the power to attract American fans: although he did a good part of the youth section in the United States, he was Mexican, not American.

But the young indie talent who has been hunting for F1 news lately is not the only photo.

Colton Herta guesses
A lot has been said about A. The Saber-Alfa Romeo can be purchased through Andrei AutosportWith the aforementioned Michael Andrei, American Colton Herta can be added to the team. If he really goes to Formula 1, he will be the first Yankee to race in 2013 from Alexander Rossi. The last winner (and last champion) was Mario Andretti in the distant year of 1978.

Herta, just 21, has raced for Andretti and is the youngest to win in India – and he has done it 6 times. As for Donica, she may be the missing piece on F1 to once captivate the American audience: “I think it’s a great opportunity, especially if she’s really excited, I think it’s so awesome.”

The former driver, having accepted a chance at F1, believes that in the worst case scenario, Herta has nothing to lose: “If this does not work for him, Formula 1 drivers in general have enough credibility to come and drive an Indigo,” he noted, “not going to be a worse pilot than he was.”

Finally, Tanica, who competed for Andretti in India, said that if speculations were confirmed, it would tend to help the fact that it is an all-American team-driver mix: “Being all Americans, I think it’s going to be good. I want to see what it looks like.”