June 7, 2023
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After 6 surgeries per month, Chiquinho Scarpa is intubated

Chiquinho Scarpa, 70, was subsequently intubatedAir for the sixth process in the same month. This information is from journalist Fabiola Riber, from Palanco Geral São Paulo, shown on RecordTV on Thursday (05).

According to the report, the count’s health problems began shortly after an exacerbation of a UTI.


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Chiquinho Scarpa had already had about a dozen surgeries and had problems with healing and adhesion of organs that stick together.

Contacted Splash UOL With the Chiquinho Scarpa team, who reported that Count He continues to recover from his last surgery..

Cecquinio Scarpa. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)


Recently, the famous Observatory reported that Chiquinho Scarpa, 70, was hospitalized at Sírio Libânes Hospital.in Sao Paulo after entering the unit at the beginning of April and undergoing at least three surgeries.

In a conversation with Revista Quem, he even talked about hospitalization. “I’m in the ICU. I had stomach surgery. I had three surgeries in a row. I had my last surgery yesterday, so I can’t say much.”He said at the opportunity.

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