June 1, 2023
Simone and Simaria started production of Ratinho after the leak

Simone and Simaria started production of Ratinho after the leak

a team Simon and Simaria caused the production mouse software This Thursday (5/5), after a An audio leak reveals a feud between the sisters on stage at the attraction. The LeoDias column found out that a witch hunt will be unleashed on SBT from now on to find the culprit.

While recording the program, Simaria asked for a break and said that she was very tired and in a hoarse voice. Soon, her sister Simone interrupted, saying that she was trying to take care of her and help her memorize her voice.


Simaria, in turn, replied that he could sing: “I know, it’s caring, but I think I can do it. So, I’ll do it,” replied the singer, who was then provoked. “So, let’s see what happens. Are you not okay? Let’s see what you do. I’m not good, no.” Simon replied, I’m trying to do my part.

Simone and Simaria’s participation in the show is scheduled to air on May 27, but it shouldn’t air until everything is resolved.

After the LeoDias column chanted the sisters fight, he echoed The duo first spoke about the case In a comment on the social media of the columnist. “Who ever, people???” , said the profile of the country’s residents on Instagram. In addition, the singers responded to the comments of friends on the page, such as comedian Fabio Marx and some fans.

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