June 25, 2024

After courtship, Juliet and Italo meet in person: “with her”

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After courtship, Juliet and Italo meet in person: "with her"

the singer JULIET Freire and surfer Italo Ferreira met in person last night, After months of flirting on social media.

formerBBB The athlete is present at the “Men of the Year” event promoted by GQ Brasil magazine. The woman from Paraíba was elected ‘Woman of the Year’, and her native Rio Grande do Sul was awarded the ‘Man of the Year in Sports’ trophy – Won the gold medal in surfing at the Tokyo Olympics in July.

In the stories on his Instagram profile, the surfer shared a record alongside Juliette, and yesterday congratulated her on her 32nd birthday. He wrote “Made in the Northeast and Merry Christmas”.

Italo Feira also posted on Twitter another photo with the winner of the “BBB 21In the caption, he said, “Just the basics with it.”


During the Tokyo Olympics, ex-BBB Juliet praised the beauty of athletes of the most diverse forms of the event, and suddenly her followers began to “Shibala” with Italo Ferreira. It didn’t take long for the weather to catch on fire, and the surfer made a point in saying it was undisturbed.

accordingly, The athlete confirmed his interest in getting to know the woman from Paraíba better, even if it was for the sake of friendship, because, as he said, “a different person.”.

“This is internet related stuff. But I’d like to meet her, yeah, she’s a different person. That’s what she showed when she was on ‘BBB’, that there are pure people in the world, people who love and respect others no matter what,” the surfer said.

In August, when celebrity courtship was still hot, Italo Ferreira said on social media that he had been dreaming of “she,” Soon, fans pointed out that it would be Juliet.

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