June 24, 2024

Juliette receives Woman of the Year award from Grazi Massafera: “I want my voice to remember how strong we are” – GQ

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Juliette receives Woman of the Year award from Grazi Massafera: "I want my voice to remember how strong we are" - GQ

JULIET This year he was selected for the category woman of the year Give GQ Brazil. The eleventh edition of Men of the Year, which celebrates the great personalities of the year, takes place on Friday night (3), at the Copacana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro.

Juliette Woman of the Year in 2021 (Photo: Matthews Coutinho)

Juliette Woman of the Year in 2021 (Photo: Matthews Coutinho)

The BBB21 winner took her award directly from Grazi Massafera, also formerly the BBB. Juliet moved, thanked her and told a little of her story.

“It’s magical and I feel honored to have seen, honored and mostly heard. There is nothing more liberating than being honored for who you are. I came from a poor family, and went to public school and college. I’ve worked since I was my child, I had a difficult childhood. It was My story is one of a lot of struggle,” I began.

And she added, “And this is nothing unusual, because this story is the same as the story of thousands of women. (…) I survive every day the manliness, the murder of women, and the inequalities we face because we are born a woman. It can be seen today. Not by a person Stand out on a show, it has millions of followers, but I want my voice to remember how strong we are. I will do everything so that other women are seen and heard. Women.”

As Woman of the Year, Juliet stands on the tombstone for the December and January issue of GQ Brazil.

Juliette and Grazie Masafira at a party

Juliette and Grazie Masafira at the “Men of the Year” party (Photo: Reginaldo Teixeira)

Besides them, other names are also getting a special December/January issue. Surfer Italo Ferreira, for example, was declared as 2021 Man of the Year in Sports. The Men of the Year also choose the categories Music, Television, Literature, Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, ESG Leadership, Science and Digital Impact.

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A phenomenon called Juliet

Born in the inland Paraíba of Campina Grande, Juliette Freire Vitosa conquered Brazil with her participation in the reality show Big Brother Brazil 2021. The lawyer and makeup artist became a singer and digital influencer.

Juliette achieved a feat she could not have imagined: becoming the most followed ex-BBB in history, surpassing the likes of Grazi Massafera and Sabrina Sato. The artist is proud of her Northeastern origins, and she is flying important social flags.

I managed to conclude a contract with TV Globo (and Globoplay), in addition to being the poster girl for other brands. The influencer started tripled the BBB Millionaire award.

New ‘Baby Brazil’, Juliet Was Directed by Anitta – What a DocumentaryYou were never aloneIt was detailed – and he already has a musical EP to call his own.

Juliet (Photo: Pedro Demetro/GQ Brazil)

Juliet (Photo: Pedro Demetro/GQ Brazil)

The Conversation with Juliette is one of the covers of the December and January issue of the magazine, which starts hitting newsstands starting Friday (3) and in our online store. In addition to greater Sao Paulo, the store begins delivery to the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Brasilia, Porto Alegre and Campinas. From Saturday (4) also on the Globo + app.

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