June 25, 2024

After the union ends, Bruno Galiaso reveals the reality and explodes what he is experiencing

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Bruno Gagliasso e Giovanna Ewbank (Reprodução)

Bruno Gagliasso talked about his marriage to Giovanna Ewbank

Bruno GagliasuApparently, I really enjoyed the experience of being a father. Vivid proof of this is that the actor, who is a father of three children, wants to increase his family even more. But the celebrity still needed to pass a hurdle: to convince his wife. At least that’s what the artist revealed via his social media.

Answering some fan questions, Giovanna Eubank’s husband admitted his desire. “I really want [ter mais filhos]I just need your help to convince Giovanna to give this process an early start. It’s the best thing in the world, like no other. Bruno Galiaso said.

It is worth noting that the famous is already the father of Titi, 8 years old, Bliss, 7, and Zian, 1 year and 9 months. The actor continues to talk on Instagram about the children’s characters and gave them the most voices. “The most relaxed I am in doubt between Titi and Bliss. Xian is undoubtedly the most agitated,” he said.

Bruno Gagliasso has spoken about wanting to increase the family (Image: Procreate)
Bruno Gagliasso has spoken about wanting to increase the family (Image: Procreate)

Separation and betrayal

In 2012, the two separated due to Gagliasso’s infidelity. He confirmed the jump over the fence in an interview with Marilia Gabriella. Additionally, they speculated at the time that Bruno was the father of model Carol Franceschini’s child: “I paid for it, took the test, and it wasn’t me, and we’re happy with it. We learned a lot from that lesson.”

In 2017, Giovanna Eubank openly spoke about infidelity in a video for her channel and explained how it affected the relationship. Our breakup was so sudden. Before that, we asked ourselves: “Will he stay forever?” , “Am I happy?” , “Is this what we want?”

“When all of a sudden we parted, my world collapsed, and so did his. Then we thought: ‘How am I going to live without this person now?’ We started talking, dotted i’s, and we realized that we wanted to be together no matter what and that we were going to work,” said Giovanna Eubank. to make it a success.”

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