May 30, 2023
"I told you to bring the baby for us."

“I told you to bring the baby for us.”

In an interview with LeoDias column, funk singer Pepita revealed that she is going to be a mother and was shocked to say that this baby is the result of her husband Kayque Nogueira’s infidelity. The celebrity explains that she was able to see beyond the “turmoil” she faced in her marriage when she was planning to adopt Luca Antonio after the baby’s mother contemplated an abortion.

“he is [Kayque] He told me that he jumped the fence and that he got pregnant with this woman and that this person wants to abort the baby. I do not know her [a mãe do bebê] And I don’t even want to know, but I forgive him. We are not married yet.”

The singer reveals that she criticized her husband’s infidelity when she found out and also said she opposed the baby’s biological desire for an abortion: “I told you I wouldn’t agree to it. [aborto] Then he told us to solve this situation by taking the child to us. You messed up my emotions a lot in a way, you know? I’ve always wanted to be a mother.”

Pepita and Kayque got married in September 2020, in a small ceremony, following security protocols against the pandemic. With an exclusive show for Pericles, the godparents team included Bianca Andrade 9 Boca Rosa and influencer Mateus Mazavera.

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