July 1, 2022
Alan Dos Santos can seek political asylum in the United States

Alan Dos Santos can seek political asylum in the United States

Alan Dos Santos at the Fake News CPMI meeting in November 2019.| Photo: Archive / Alessandro Dantas / Senate Agency

See how much fun it is: I saw the news on a TV channel that Brazilian petrol is in the top 100 most expensive in the world. I went to see the list drawn up by Global Petrol Prices, which monitors the value of fuel and energy weekly in 168 countries. In this rankings, Brazil ranks 90th. Still, our price is lower than the world average. Converting to rice, which is R $ 6.75 per liter; The Brazilian is priced at $ 6.32.

If you are in the Netherlands or Norway and have rented a car, the rankings show that you have to pay more than R $ 12 per liter of petrol. These two countries have the 2nd and 3rd highest prices, and next to Hong Kong, the fuel price is $ 14.45. In the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, petrol is about $ $ 10. These are elevated numbers. To remind you: we certainly complain about petrol prices, but prices elsewhere are still high.

Fuels still have high gas content, mainly in Europe, but even in the United States there is a shortage of supplies on the supermarket shelf, where difficulties in the logistics sector include staff shortages and difficulties in hiring workers.

Alan Dose Santos and handover request

I spoke in the United States, The The Alan Dose Santos case, Free from Mars. Minister Alexandre Moraes asked for his deportation and detention. It was the recommendation of the Federal Police that I believe this is the nucleus that co-operates with Moraes in the Supreme Court Fake news And Undemocratic acts.

Now, the tradition of handing over a journalist does not exist in the United States. Alan dos Santos, yes, with an expired visa, he went to countries with a tourist visa, but let’s see. This is the President of the United States, the Supreme Court there, the American Constitution, this tradition, is very strong and he has the opportunity to seek political asylum. Imagine what an embarrassment that would be for Brazil.

Third … or 11th copy

Over the weekend, headlines in newspapers are the third way. There is talk of eleven third-way candidates, and I think there is more to it than that. Without real opportunities, these little candidates have always come to run, but there are all of them: the so-called third way.

To give some names, the Host Jose Luis Tadena, Oh Reserve General Santos Cruz, Louisa Trajano (From Louisa Magazine, officially rejecting the candidacy yet), former judge Sergio Moro, President of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco (Now that See the PSO file), Former Minister of Health Louis Henrik Montetta, Ciro ComS, already in the campaign, already has a marketer and everything. To Eduardo Light, Jono Toria And Arthur Virgilio, who Deny PSDB appointment. There are people left From CBI to Govt Already imagining “Wow, I was on TV everyday …”, like senators Simon Debt, Alessandro Viira.

And is LulaSure, but so is it Fernando Hattad Who could be the alternative to BT again.

Everyone can be a candidate. It means many people who are interested in power and think they can compete. More and more political parties are betting on them.

Paulo Quitz did not go out

Finally, in this game that weakens President Jair Bolsanaro’s candidacy for re-election, Stories Paulo Gates.

The economy minister had to go with a bird show at the Granza do Torto Exhibition Park, and the two were interviewed to dispel rumors of Kedes departing. Bolzano said the two would leave the order together.

And he has already talked a lot with Chamber and Senate leaders and hopes that Congress will approve the administrative reform – Paulo Quides recalls that it has been since September last year. This will lead to an economy that allows at least 400 Brazilian aid to be paid to more people: R $ 17 million per household.