June 5, 2023
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Amazon announces new US tax due to war and epidemic

Andy Jassi, CEO AmazonThe company announced that it will implement 5% fee U.S. third-party vendors using U.S. shipping and warehouse services Amazon. The new surcharge for participants in the Fulfillment by Amazon program is expected to take effect on April 28th.

According to Jassie, The SwellingA International spread And this War in Ukraine Caused a complete stop price increase by the company. “At a certain point, you can’t run a low-cost business by absorbing all of these costs,” he said in an interview. CNBC

Some vendors were dissatisfied with this news because the program was already a victim Restoration At cost January. “We are well aware that sellers also have costs. We will continue to look at how costs are generated and reviewed,” Jassie commented.

A 5% surcharge for sellers using FBA has emerged as a way to spread the wordSource: Revelation / Amazon

How Amazon’s fulfillment works

Show Passed by Amazon Contains access to the company’s logistics network. For this, sellers have to pay a fee – this varies depending on the size of the item, but starts $ 2.92 38.1 cm per object Amazon.

In addition to the amount paid by the FBA, this includes Aggregation, Packaging, Shipping And Manipulation On orders, there is a charge to make your products available in e-commerce, which varies $ 0.99 The monthly fee for an item sold or $ 39.99 – the latter is recommended 40 sales A month.