June 13, 2024

American Airlines canceled hundreds of flights in mid-July due to labor shortages

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“The first few weeks of June have brought unprecedented weather to our largest hubs, which have greatly affected our operations and caused delays, disrupting the schedules of canceled flights and crew members and the plans of our customers,” the airline spokesman Shannon Gilson told CNN. . “This, along with the labor shortage that some of our vendors are struggling with and the incredibly rapid increase in customer demand, has led to the creation of additional regression and stability for our operation by adjusting our scheduled flying area in mid-July.”

The FAA's new cleaning systems in air traffic towers are aimed at controlling flight delays
However, part of the target cancellation was the addition of hundreds of flights in mid-July. On Saturday, American Airlines (AAL) There were 120 cancellations, and according to Gibson, the company handles 50 to 80 flight cancellations a day.

Businesses across the country are struggling to hire employees as the economy tries to return to pre-epidemic normalcy.

Gibson said customers who have booked by July 15 will already be notified if their flights have been canceled, so they can make travel changes in advance.

Gibson said while the American Airlines hub could have a major impact on Dallas-Fort Worth, the cancellations are spreading across its system to reduce vulnerability in a single area.

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