June 25, 2022
(Xinhua / Fang Zhe)

An American scholar says that CIIE is a welcome change

Xinhua / Fang Zhe

Although some Western countries have created trade sanctions in recent years and used the global trade system for non-economic purposes, China’s International Import Exhibition (CIIE) is a “welcome change” against this trend, an American scholar said.

Kyrie Durk, a professor of economics at the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, said “China is the only country that has taken concrete steps to open up its economy to free trade and investment.” Xinhua.

The world economy has been in recession since the COVID-19 epidemic last year, and since March this year, the world has been facing the risk of inflation and stagnation.

“Many countries felt that the future was very dark, which is especially true for developing countries,” Durk commented.

CIIE represents a positive step in boosting the morale and confidence of these countries, “China has become the world’s largest market, from the world’s largest industry,” Durk said.

The exhibition is important for developing countries. The COVID-19 epidemic highlights the education sector, saying “these countries have slowed the growth of their GDP and have seen a decline in the prices of their major exports and raw materials.”

Rich and poor countries should greatly benefit from innovative forums such as CIIE, and he went on to say that Chinese consumers will be one of the key pillars of global growth in the 21st century.

“In the future, when consumption increases, China’s contribution to world development will be greater than it is now,” Durk stressed. “This is good news for everyone.”

Durk said China’s open operations and participation in the World Health Organization-led global campaign COVAX, which works with governments and manufacturers to ensure the global availability of COVID-19 vaccines, can be seen.

“Many countries appreciate China’s help in vaccines and medical equipment,” he said.

Durk also condemned talks about the US economy being excluded from the Chinese economy, and said that growing companies and countries were rejecting the invitation to participate in the CIIE every year.