February 26, 2024

Apology? Fábio Porchat reveals a conversation with Gkay after making a joke on Huck TV News

Fábio Porchat stated that he tried to talk to Gkay after she got mad at him Jokes made by him and Paulo Vieira Sunday with Hack. While handing out the Best of the Year awards on Sunday (25), comedians made fun of Farofa da Gkay’s author on two counts – making her uncomfortable. The Porta dos Fundos member revealed what he did after the digital influencer’s complaints.

Asked by a Twitter viewer, Borshat declined to give details of what he had sent the blogger. An internet asked: “If you have something against someone, you shouldn’t go out on social networks to spread hate, you should be sensible and call Gkay to talk privately. You are an inspiration to many people, don’t let this change” User identified on It’s now.

The comedian was brief in his response, but said he tried to contact Gkay after the row. “I sent [mensagem]”, said the Globo presenter on Sunday (25).

during the award, Comedians made fun of Farofa’s transmission on Multishow He cited the influencer’s Lady Night interview, with Tatá Werneck. “We care a lot about Globo’s quality standards, but Globo quoted Gkay’s Farofa,” Vieira photos, causing the audience to laugh.

And the former editor joked about his relationship with Joe Soares (1938-2022), his friend and “godfather of humor.” Borshat stated that he would rather die than meet Paraybana on his show. I keep thinking and saying, ‘What would Joe do with Gkay? This is why he preferred to leave us, he said.

Gkay jokes back on Globo

Disgusted at being the target of ridicule at awards shows on national television, Gkay made a series of posts on Twitter criticizing comedians. “I have to be so important that the agenda is to be myself so many times in a place that hasn’t even been called,” she complained.

“For you to say someone would rather leave than meet me really has no idea how much it hurts me in a thousand places. I’m tired of being this dirty joke to people, of making fun of them. I’m just at home with my family watching a movie.” And that’s what I get. I had to leave the room to cry in the room and my mother didn’t see it, because I didn’t want to ruin her birthday,” Jakai said.

Check out the influencer’s statement below: