January 28, 2023

Wanted: Playboy offers Lamborghini 2,000 riyals to find the author of the ticket

I wrote in Brazil he is

last December 24, Sorel portsa financial market trader who became a millionaire at the age of 21 and is currently teaching lessons on how to get rich to poor people who can no longer bear the harassment of a demanding job market, he was enraged when he saw his beauty. Lamborghini Huracan Spread on networks by broadcaster and exBBB, Anna Clara. After the discussion was networked, he recorded a video offering R$2,000 to anyone who could help him find the author of the note.

Sorel had gone to a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro, on December 23rd, probably in order to buy Christmas presents, and seeing two vacant spaces, he stopped a Lamborghini in order to occupy both. Some of the regulars saw the scene and left a note for Suriel: “Does your Lamborghini entitle you to two spaces?”, he wrote. Anna Clara arrives at the mall shortly afterwards and sees the note posted on the luxury car. He found it funny, took a picture and posted it on Twitter with the following caption: “Ah, the spirit of Christmas…”🇧🇷 In just a few hours, the post has reached more than 100,000 likes and almost 3,000 shares.

Disgusted by the exposure, Surreal recorded a video on social networks in which he tries to explain the practice behind the wheel, with a bit of arrogance and arrogance, contrary to what he declared. “Good morning Anna, how are you? I saw you took a picture of my car yesterday and posted it on your twitter trying to go viral on social media. So usually those kind of cars, usually those who own them, stop in two places, not because we think we’re arrogant , better than others, or ostentatious, but because – and more so at this time of Christmas and the end of the year when people are in a hurry – the door of that car can be slammed shut by the slight negligence of a driver who stops here on the side. A small scratch here It costs a lot. The car costs R$3 million, imagine the repair”Male landlord.

While some netizens defended him, saying that this practice is common and correct, another user reported that when he discovered a similar situation, he called the security guard at the mall he was in, and the owner of the luxury car had to pay for both. spaces. Another netizen agreed, “If you have the money to buy a Lamborghini, you should at least pay for two spaces.” A third netizen, disgusted at the excuse that the rudeness was motivated by bad drivers, fired up: “A bad driver is one who doesn’t respect the rules.”🇧🇷

But Surreal’s accusation that Ana Clara was looking for “likes” went down the drain in the second part of her video. In it, the renter takes the opportunity to sell his courses, in a sarcastic tone with the presenter and the author of the note. “If the person who wrote this note — who took his time and energy to write the note and tape it to my car — had the same time and inclination to set up a business, he could one day own a car like this, maybe he would do the same.” [parar em duas vagas]🇧🇷He said.

Dissatisfied, the multi-millionaire man who had never produced anything tried to “seal” again, and in a new video, posted to his site. Instagrampromised a PIX of R$2,000 to anyone who would help him find the author of the ticket🇧🇷Help me find who wrote this note and paste it in my Lamborghini, comment @ the person you think did it, and when we find this ‘outlaw’, your reward may be OMR 2,000,” he wrote. In the video, in order not to sound like a veiled threat, he even promised an extra R$2,000 to the person who signed the ticket.