February 5, 2023

Ivete Sangalo’s husband breathed out after talking to his son

Yvette Sangalo’s husband vented about what he had heard from his son

Yvette Sangalo He is one of the greatest singers in Brazil and attracts audiences to the four corners of the country. In addition to her unique talent, the artist fascinates with her kindness, which is why she has become loved by millions of people.

In her personal life, Ivete Sangalo is more secretive and has been married for 14 years Daniel Cady🇧🇷 The union resulted in three heirs: Marcelo, Helena and Marina, who are well taken care of by their owl parents.

In an interview with The Noite, Ivete Sangalo’s husband opened up about the family’s intimate relationship and even revealed some revelations about raising their children. During the conversation, the nutritionist admitted that he had always been very strict about food, and avoided buying processed foods as much as possible.

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“I raised him on a bubble, and he eats everything very healthy. Because at home I do the shopping and organize the full kit. Nothing with a lot of sugar or salt entered the house. He ate well and I was proud of that,” he said of his eldest son.

Daniel Kady, husband of Yvette Sangalo, posted a photo with his son, Marcelo, on social media
Daniel Cady and Marcelo (Photo: reproduction)

I heard what I did not expect

At another point, Daniel Cady revealed that he heard from Marcelo what he never expected: “There came a time when he said: ‘Dad, I want to take something in a package. I want to open. There was indeed bullying on ‘Look at the little monkey, who is eating’ Bananas only. We need flexibility and this most welcome vision.”

The nutritionist continued by saying he already knew he was being high-risk with the heir, and really realized it when they were returning from a party: “I took him to a birthday, he’d run and play. I slept in the car. When I got home, I carried her into the elevator and started a bunch of brigadero.” And the cassadeno is in the fall from my pocket.”

“It turned out that I was depriving him a lot. Every deprivation would generate, at first, a compulsion. Then I talked to him and he would take her away to keep her, to hide her. Then I felt bad and said ‘from today I’m going to take him out for ice cream’,” Ivete Sangalo’s partner reports.

Yvette Sangalo, Daniel Cady, Marcelo, Marina and Helena (Photo: reproduction)
Yvette Sangalo, Daniel Cady, Marcelo, Marina and Helena (Photo: reproduction)

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