February 27, 2024

are you travailing? Know that the further away, the better for your health

Are you one of those who love to travel and love to discover new places? Know that this habit can be very beneficial for your health, at least that’s what a recent study on the subject indicated. According to research, the more variety of destinations, the better for your body.

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The research was conducted by scientists at University College London (UCL), which is located in the United Kingdom. The data can be found in the specialized scientific journal Transport & Health.

It is worth emphasizing that the conclusion about the goodness that travel is not something entirely new. Several studies have previously shown how good travel can be for a person’s mental health, for example.

After all, travel helps reduce levels StressIt increases the feeling of well-being and satisfaction, in addition to adding culture and knowledge to people.

Short distance travel can also be beneficial.

One difference to the current study is the conclusion that traveling small distances can be enough to significantly improve health. This is because researchers have recognized that moving more than 24 kilometers from where you live to different places can improve your quality of life.

People who did reported above-average satisfaction and well-being, especially compared to people who didn’t travel. The main reason, scientists believe, lies in Connect with more people and in different places.

A significant difference in the quality of life was seen in volunteers aged 55 and over who were accustomed to traveling frequently, even for short distances.

Those over 55 are likely to face other restrictions Travel, such as limited mobility. They are also more likely to suffer from loneliness. The variety of places they can visit is low, which leads to low social engagement and lower levels of public health.”

He concluded, “The results of this study underscore the need for public policies that reduce travel restrictions in the region, and offer better public and private transportation options that allow for more frequent and longer trips.”