March 3, 2024

Atlético-MG Earns R$1.75 Million at the Box Office in Defeating Millonarios in Libertadores | Athlete- mg

a Atlético MG He moved on from a stage in the Copa Libertadores by defeating Millonarios 3-1 at Mineirao. The ticket office at the stadium showed a net profit of R$1,749,969.84 for Galo, which took 42,169 fans for last Wednesday’s match.

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It is the biggest box office earner for Atlético this season. Previously, against Carabobo, the club earned about R$1.5 million in income. Against Millonarios, the total income was R$2,553,954.60, with total expenses amounting to R$803,984.76.

In addition to box office receipts, Atlético also prefers classification from another economic point of view. For being part of the group stage, he will get $3 million USD (about R$16 million), other than that he will fight for $300,000 (1.58 million) for every win at that point.

Atlético fans in Mineirão to duel against Millonarios – Image: Daniela Veiga/CAM

The Rooster will take to the field again on Saturday, in another decision. Athletic faces Independência, with over 20,000 tickets sold. The match must be in Raimundo Sampaio where Mineirão will host singer Luan Santana’s show. In the Libertadores match, the outfitting of the event stage has already closed the entire yellow sector, reducing its gigantic pampulina’s capacity to 45,000 seats.

For the Mineiro tournament, Eduardo Codete’s team needs to beat Sao Joao del Rey’s team (by any score) to ensure progression as well. If passed, she qualifies for the final along with the winner from the America x Cruzeiro bracket, which she will battle in Horto, on Sunday. In the first leg, Coelho beat Raposa 2-0 in City Lagoas.

Atletico vs Millonarios Bordeaux:

  • Total attendance: 42,169
  • Gross Income: R$2,553,954.60
  • Expenses: 803,984.76 Brazilian reals
  • Net income: R$ 1,749,969.84

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