June 14, 2024

BBB 23 recap from 3/1: Elimination of Fred Nicasio shakes the dawn and puts the New Brothers in the crossfire | inside the house

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BBB 23 recap from 3/1: Elimination of Fred Nicasio shakes the dawn and puts the New Brothers in the crossfire |  inside the house

BBB 23 recap for 3/1: See everything that happened in the early morning post-Fred Nicasio elimination – Image: Globo

Now we are 14! This Tuesday, 2/28, it’s time to say goodbye Fred Nicasio, seventh elimination of ed. Brother had the worst feud with Cara de Sabato and Cesar, leaving BBB 23 after receiving 62.94% of the vote.

After saying goodbye to the doctor, the brothers from Quarto Fundo do Mar had to recalculate the route, some names already mentioned to vote for the next marbles.

In the fourth desert, celebration reigned! They sang, played, and raised their cups in the air to toast, but anyone who thinks they didn’t talk about the game is mistaken. 👀

Want to know everything that happened at the dawn of post-elimination? So paste in the summary made by gshow! 🚀

Farewells and celebrations

Fred Nicasio’s farewell divided the house, and while some were moved by the Doctor’s elimination, others were glad the allies remained.

The brothers from Quarto Deserto celebrate the survival of the Cara de Sabato in reality – Photo: Globo

“We will prepare more shields, and we have to face it. We will always be in the minority. It will always be in Paredão.

Domitila Barros is thrilled at Fred Nicasio’s elimination but congratulates Cara de Sabato’s perpetuity – Photo: Globo

Route recalculation 🚗

Gabriel Santana reveals his priority vote is MC Guimê – Photo: Globo

The brothers from Quarto Fundo do Mar recalculate the road after the departure of Fred Nicasio at BBB 23

New goals

Back at Desert Four, Amanda gives her guesses for the next Baridao. Taking aim at Sister Marvella, she rationalized that the singer needed to go to the hot seat because she had not yet encountered Baridao.

“She doesn’t get upset with anyone, but only when she needs to vote, she votes, do you understand? And then like this, she votes and says, ‘I voted because we’re not talking about the game’,” he justified.

Amanda reveals she wants to vote for Marvella at BBB 23 – Photo: Globo

Ricciardo revealed to Sarah Allen that he can vote for Bruna Griffaue when the game starts to crack down – Image: Globo

Slight poison 🐍

Key Alves talks about Bruna Griphao and Larissa – Photo: Globo

About Bruna Griffaue, Ki Alves gave his arguments:

“She walks around all the time with her nose in the air, spoiled and arrogant. She’s arrogant, and yes, she’s rude. I have nothing to say about her.”What I can say about her is that she won some tests.”

Larissa and Amanda are also mentioned in the conversation:

“for me, Larisa in her skirt [Bruna Griphao]Like Amanda in Boots. […] As for me, you also come here to do VT work, ”concluded the volleyball player.

Key Alves places the following targets on BBB 23 and shoots: ‘Spoiled and arrogant’

I see Bruna even hiding behind my cloud. I think many of the decisions Bruna makes, or situations, are influenced by Jimmy,” said the model.

Domitila Barros says Bruna Grivao is influenced by MC Gimi – Photo: Globo

Is this plant? 🌱

In a conversation with Marvvila, Sarah Allen analyzes her position inside BBB 23 and admits that she is afraid to go to Paredão because she could be considered a plant. Sister breathed:

“I am very afraid to go to Paredão, because sometimes I have the feeling that if I go to Paredão I will leave. Because I think that is for all very dangerous players. I might take it as a plant or something“, He said.

The Sarah Allen Who Fears Being Vegetarian – Photo: Globo

And so we finished another early morning at BBB 23’s house! See you next time! 😘😘

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