February 29, 2024

BBB 23: Watch What Happened in the Seventh Strife Game with Facts and Consequences! | GSHOW / FACTS / BBB / BBB 23 / Game of Discord

“Mission accomplished,” says Tado. The dynamism ends and so does the programme.

As the presenter himself said, keep voting for Paredão!

See you next week!

Discord game at BBB 23 – Image: Globo

7 hours ago

Larissa targets Ki Elvis.

She says: “We tried to get closer, but during the week, I found out that you rolled your eyes at me at a party. Today, there was a fight in the house. I tried to sit by the window. You really have a fight with Alface, with Guimê…”.

She chose smoke as a result.

Elvis defense key: “I said so many things that I don’t even know where I got it from. About Bruna’s situation, I was involved because I was talking to Alface. I tried to say they were both wrong.”

Larissa chooses Key Alves as her Truth or Dare Discord target

7 hours ago

Gabriel Santana selects Allen Werley as the target.

He says, “I wanted to make it clear that it’s not oppression. Something happened that left me with a flea behind my ear. When Marvella liked you so much and admitted it voted for you, I told your group…”. He also talks about the sister’s relationship with Fred Nicasio.

Selects smoke as a result.

Defense by Allen Werley: “As far as Marvella was concerned, I didn’t want to say ‘Guys, look here’ (…) I have a very personal relationship with Fred. We should have our suspicions here.”

Gabriel Santana chooses Aline to aim for a Discord game of Truth or Dare

7 hours ago

Fred Domitilla chose Barros as the target.

He says: “I have repeatedly touched on the subject of persecution. There is no such thing, there is a standard of coexistence (…)”. He mentions two “personalities” of the sister and the alliance she attempted with Gimme.

Selects smoke as a result.

Domitila Barros Defense: “It wasn’t my relationship with Jimmy that caused Gustavo to leave the house, just to make it clear. Secondly, I Boas Vibraco. But there were people whose faces I stopped looking at. I’m not a robot.”

Fred Domitilla chose Barros as his Discord target for Truth or Dare

8 hours ago

Marvella chooses Amanda as a target.

She says: “There was a situation when the crowd united the votes. I voted for you and you ended up taking it from me. You denounced something that hurt you.” [falou que a cantora é fraca]”.

She chose a pillow as a result.

Amanda’s defense: “Apologies, I got excited at the time. But, you’re someone who just goes with the dance.”

Marvella chooses Amanda as the target in the game Truth or Dare on Discord

8 hours ago

Bruna Grivao selected Fred Nicasio as the target.

“I had other people,” she says, “but I called Fredo because of what happened today. I had one of my most vulnerable moments, and when that happens, I see people trying to help. Today, for the second time you settled the game, you pointed your finger at me. For you, it’s much easier.” be expelled.”

She chose smoking for her brother.

Defense by Fred Nicasio: “Again, Bruna judges people’s intentions because she’s the most consistent person, etc. What do you think of my situations is your problem.”

Bruna Griphao has selected Fred Nicasio as her Discord target for Truth or Dare

8 hours ago

Sarah Allen chooses Domitilla Barros.

She recalls the instance where the sister spoke of her vote for Guimê. “Domi, your method is to yield protection…and you still bear my name. I’m bolstered that you’ve always been loyal and your loyalty hurts my game.”

She chooses the pillow accordingly.

Domitila Barros Defense: “We had a few conversations about this. I’ve already apologized to you. What I did was wrong. I thought we really worked it out. Forgive me, Sarah.”

Sarah Ellen chose Domitila as her Discord target for Truth or Dare

8 hours ago

He chose Ricardo Cesar as the target.

He says: “You are in the game. I forgot. This is not to see who is the most affectionate teddy bear. On the live broadcast, I also said that I used foam to throw other people’s eyes. It doesn’t happen. If you see it, great. If you don’t see it, don’t say it.”

He chooses to smoke for the nurse.

Caesar’s defense: “I get your point, I think it’s weird. I’ve had one of my worst fights and you’re holding me back. Your speech throws me back. You’re the one who’s afraid to play around here.”

Ricardo chose Cezar as his Truth or Dare Discord target

8 hours ago

Key Alves targets MC Guimê.

She says: “I always had the image of Gimi manipulating my grace and as a general (…) I also felt like my name was in his mouth..”.

She chose Slime Bomb for the singer.

Defense by MC Guime: He says he hasn’t stopped talking about it in the conversation I watched from the leader’s room and gets angry: “Demand a VAR review and continue with the game. Vote for me and I’ll vote for you.”

key Alves chose MC Guimê for a Discord objective in Truth or Consequence

8 hours ago

Domitilla selects Allen Werley as the target.

She tells the singer: “In the first sedition game, you gave me a blueprint… It got worse on one level… It feels like oppression. I never did anything to you. I guess we can be more than that.”

She chose smoking as a result of the sister.

Defense by Allen Werley: “It’s Domitilla that I want to talk to, that I want to play with. Not the one that stays camouflaged behind Boas Vibraco. You don’t know how to listen and that’s really annoying.”

Domitila chose Aline Wirley as a Discord target for Truth or Dare

8 hours ago

Amanda targets Cesar Black.

“The situation that was going on today wasn’t about you,” she says, “I wanted you to compare yourself to Bruna. I think you’re excited, considering you weren’t even involved in that fight. You ended up bringing something that wasn’t even yours.”

She chose a pillow bomb for her brother.

Caesar’s defense: “Today with Bruna, I wanted the same attitude from you that was against me.”

Amanda chose Cezar as her Truth or Dare Discord target

8 hours ago

MC Guimê chose Key Alves as the target.

“At the beginning of the game we had head-on clashes,” he says, “and, in a way, we understood each other. You had a prejudgment, and so did I… Well. The last few days, that’s been ramping up. I tipped my referral. You put your finger in my face. I thought you ignorant to me.”

He chose a slime bomb for his sister.

Main defense: “You’re within your rights to put it on Paredão… what you thought you spent 10 minutes talking about me. No matter how much he put it on you, why did you talk about me in that moment?”

MC Guimê selected Key Alves to aim for in the Discord game Truth or Dare

8 hours ago

Ellen Werley selects Domitilla Barros as a target.

“I thought your game was totally questionable,” says the singer. “Now he’s selfish and hard to understand.”

She chose smoke for the sister.

Domitila Barros Defense: “I’ve noticed that you have a problem with me. I’m really looking for compatible allies in the game. There are things I resent about you…”.

Aline Wirley chose Domitila as a Discord target for Truth or Dare

8 hours ago

One of those surrounded by the walls, Fred Nicasio, chose Cara de Sabato as his target.

Says the doctor, “I can look back on how many times an explanation has come up to me. I didn’t think the last conversation you tried to talk to me was great. Man to man, get over it. You’re stuck in that hurt, in that grudge.”

He chooses a pillow for his brother.

Shoe defense: “Fred, actually, made me feel sorry… There were other situations of his [que chateou o brother]”.

Fred Nicácio chose a shoe to aim for in the Discord game Truth or Dare

8 hours ago

Cesar targets Shoeface.

He says: “You are a very prejudiced man (…) You have accused me many times, you have hurt me.”

BBB23 – 02-27-2023 – 22:58:31 – Photo: PGM1

Brother chooses a pillow as a result of the fighter.

Shoe defense: “Cesare, I wasn’t there when Bruna spoke. After that, I went up to her and asked, ‘Bruna, did you say that?'” Like I wanted to be called out if I messed up in any way. You’re trying to use this to accuse something that doesn’t exist.”

BBB23 – 02-27-2023 – 22:59:34 – Photo: PGM1

8 hours ago

Shoeface, one of the fences, targets Cesar.

The fighter needs to say everything in one minute. The time will be determined.

The fighter says: “The mistakes of others do not excuse your own. Today, in the midst of a fight, I wanted to talk about your mistakes … (…) I wanted you to ask me and fight with me.”

He chose Pillow as a result of his brother.

Black defends himself: “You tend to own the truth here. When it’s with your friends, you make a different situation than people who aren’t your allies.”

Shoeface chooses Cezar as his Truth or Dare Discord target

8 hours ago

Discord game rules:

– one of the participants chooses an object to tell some truths;
Then choose consequences.
– that the accused is able to defend himself;
– Consequences can be: pillowy, sticky or smokey.

Tadeu Schmidt explains the dynamics of the seventh BBB23 discord game

8 hours ago

The brothers go to the garden of the house for Discord game.

Brothers in the garden – Photo: Globo

8 hours ago

before the dynamic begins, Thaddeus Schmidt Spoke with MCguime About the latest excitement in the game.

BBB 23: MC Guimê talks about Angel’s Lunch – Photo: Globo

9 hours ago