June 14, 2024

“Seize the opportunity to grow in the game”

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“Seize the opportunity to grow in the game”


Soon after the fight, beleaguered members of the opposing group commented on the actress’ lines and hinted that she should be kicked off the show.

BBB 23: Riccardo shoots his brothers after bullshit with Griphao: "They took advantage".  Photo: Gshow reproduction.
BBB23: Riccardo shoots his brothers after nonsense with Grifao: “They took advantage”. Photo: Gshow reproduction.

Monday (27) was very controversial in the house of Big Brother Brasil 23 (TV Globo) with the right to shit between allies that even sparked a discussion about the possibility of expelling a detained person. Bruna Griffaue and Ricardo, who have been allies since the beginning of the game, have a bad fight, but soon the good relations are back again.

The problem was the other prisoners, who took advantage of the situation to add more fuel to the fire. After the nerves returned to normal, the biomedical commented on the position of the opponents in the game in the face of the nonsense of the two friends. Outside the house, the two talked to MC Guimê and recalled the earlier nonsense.

BBB23: Riccardo shoots his brothers after nonsense with Grifao: “They took advantage”. Photo: Gshow reproduction.

Alfalfa analyzes the situation of the opposite group insisting on firing the actress: “They took advantage of a moment of weakness to grow in the game, over you. I don’t think that’s cool.”Then, Riccardo shoots Bruna. “So, only when it matters, do they approach me?”reacts, who goes on to say: “I’m not a fool!”

Shortly after the fight, Cesar Black and Fred Nicasio commented on Grivao’s lines during the fight and criticized the actress’ lines. Dr. Amanda, who was injured trying to stop the fight between the actress and Ricardo, comments on the attitude of Fred and Key Alves, who hint that Bruna should be fired. As for Sister, the two of them were pushy with the intent of hurting Bruna.

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