July 18, 2024

BBB – Final Balance Time – Prisma

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BBB – Final Balance Time – Prisma
BBB – Final Balance Time – Prisma

Tadeo Schmidt presents, today, the “BBB” final
Fabio Rocha

The 23rd edition of “BBB” ends Tuesday night.

Was it the best or the worst of all? Neither one nor the other, because this type of program does not depend only on its production and realization.

By the way, regarding these aspects, what about Globo and the professionals who work there? It can be said that it is among the best on the market.

The just-ended version was a resounding commercial success, and the proceedings throughout its run were always so right.

Sympathetic and competent, as always, is Tado Schmidt’s show. So why didn’t it roll the way it was supposed to?

Because every exclusive reality show relies, to a greater or lesser extent, on those who are invited to participate.

Tests and demo sheets are not always enough to guarantee good performance and the “BBB”, which is now ending, in this regard leaves much to be desired. So yeah, it was pretty petty. Almost like summer camp. or a vegetable garden.

It didn’t stick, there was no chemistry and almost nothing.

Perhaps for this reason, Boninho is quick to open registrations already for the 24th edition, thus, having more opportunity and time to promote the options that, individually or collectively, work properly. And no matter what – fair – expulsion there was, changes in the game and even the voting system, which is not the most pleasing.

Celexo Portioli is the guest of “All Programs”
playback / instagram

Distinguished guest

Celso Portioli is the guest of “All Programs”, this Tuesday, live, from 6 pm on the social networks R7, YouTube and Facebook.

Let’s talk about everything. This is a person who has been on this path for 39 years.

Does anyone know?

Today, or at least until now, nobody has a Champions League result.

Officially, Team, the promoter of the auction, did not disclose anything, which is even a small case with the market. What Warner took is just information that everyone has, but the owner of the game, which is a good thing, doesn’t show up.

It’s very strange

for on many other occasions the procedure was always different, with the announcement of the winners of the bid within the prescribed period.

This lack of respect seems to only exist in Brazil. In Mexico, for example, the score has already been out for some time.

half in the face

Here, in our backyard, Warner sure took it, but there’s still a period missing.

This is because there was intense pressure from the league’s sponsors to also have television open, in order to increase exposure of their brands. This is where you take root and this is the reason for this absurd silence.

the press

Joao Victor Rocha, who has already signed with TV Verdes Mares, from Fortaleza, is leaving Jovem Pan.

He did many good deeds at home, but he was also known as “Pelé’s cervical cancer”.


The Sports Summit kicks off today in São Paulo, at Pacaembu Stadium, and will continue until Thursday, with the attendance of some of the most relevant executives of the sports sector.

Ronaldo Nazario, Javier Tebas, Montserrat Jimenez, Julio Casares and Mauro Silva will be speakers.

Miguel Coelho and Jacqueline Oliveira at the 6 Race launch event in Mozambique

Mozambique kings

TV Miramar promoted, on Sunday, at the Hotel Vip, in Maputo, the launch of the sixth season of “Reis” in Mozambique, on the air since last Monday.

Actors Jacqueline Oliveira and Miguel Coelho participated in the event, with more than 500 people in attendance.

couple on screen

Flávia Alessandra will make a special appearance in “A Missão de Ulisses”, the first film directed by her husband, Otaviano Costa.

Xuxa Meneghel and Totia Meireles are also confirmed to be in the project.


Yesterday, Disney began its second round of layoffs, totaling 4,000 jobs.

Earlier this year, it was announced that it would cut 7,000 jobs from its workforce as part of the company’s reorganization.

Worth explaining

When it comes to discounts at Disney, it’s happening all over the world and of course in all of the company’s different segments.

And as far as ESPN is concerned, the information indicates that units in the United States, Mexico and Argentina will be the most affected.

Spiller rep

Leticia Spiller, an attraction of the second season of Netflix’s “Cidade Invisível”, has concluded her work on the recordings of the detective series “Veronika”, from Globoplay, in the role of police chief Marina Terra.

This production required a very different preparation than other jobs in his career, including tactical training for special operations scenes.

Malu Falangola with work on TV and Live Broadcasting

two kayaks

Malu Valangola, an actress from Pernambuco, currently has two on-air jobs.

It’s Ariela, on “Reis,” on Record, and Luna on “Dom,” the Amazon Prime series. Two personalities with completely different characteristics and behavior from each other.

knock knock

• The arrangement with Téo José to present “Arena SBT” was just last Monday night…

• … about the next, there is still something to talk about.

Silvio Santos has come and gone. Since returning to Brazil, the average daily phone call to SBT has been between 15 and 20 calls…

• …Unlike other occasions, he didn’t just talk to the same advisors. Extend calls well.

• “Capital e Mercado” is a program about the business world that Marco Antonio Sabino will present on Band News TV, starting from May.

• The movie “Nosso Sonho” about Cludinho and Buchecha is expected to hit theaters in September.

• “Estação Livre”, a TV cultural program that pays homage to black culture, celebrates its 100th edition on Friday …

• … is hosted by Cris Guterres, and will air from 10 p.m.

• Lulu Santos turns 70 on the fourth day and is entitled to a special offer on Globoplay…

• … The program must be presented by Poliana Abritta or Fátima Bernardes.

• This Tuesday, it will be the “Personal Archive” of “Faustão na Band” with Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega.

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