June 18, 2024

cheerful! Mom “accidentally” enters the “Candy Crush” MILLIONAIRE tournament

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cheerful!  Mom “accidentally” enters the “Candy Crush” MILLIONAIRE tournament

If you are making fun of your uncles, aunts or even your parents for playing the popular “Candy Crush”, you better stop. Do you want to know why you should stop? Well, Erin Roden is a simple woman who runs a roofing company with her family. While doing so and in her spare time, Rhoden is also a “Candy Crush” gamer.

And now you, a “cool gamer”, a player of “LoL”, “CS”, “Rainbow Six” or whatever, must think that it is wrong to use the term “gamer” for someone who plays “Candy Crush”.

However, contrary to what anyone might think, Rhoden is actually a player. This is because the administrator not only plays for fun but also watches the game content, learns new strategies and learns how to improve her time and moves.

Despite all that intelligence, manageability, and strategic skill, Rhoden incredibly unwittingly entered the “Candy Crush” tournament favorite to represent the United States.

understand what happened

Last week, more specifically on April 12, Ben Roden went viral on Twitter with the following post:

According to the machine translation provided by the platform, the tweet contains the following message:

So my mom has been playing Candy Crush all the time for years. Apparently, she accidentally got into the official Candy Crush tournament and had no idea what it was. She’s a semifinalist and came first in her district, which I think is Only No. 1 in the US. That’s a prize pool of 250,000.

The tournament his son is referring to is the “All-Star Tournament” which began on March 23rd. However, it seems that Rhoden was so good that she achieved a score that could make it through the stages of the qualifying stage.

In addition, the tournament revolves around completing the standard levels of “Candy Crush”. Therefore, other players who have already passed all levels of the game are “punished” for repeating stages, earning fewer points.

So Roden has an “advantage” when completing new levels, because he has not yet reached the end of the game. According to the site interview Kotaku, Rhoden already has gaming experience, having previously played competitive matches. However, according to her, she felt bad about competing with others and causing them stress.

Therefore, he switched to a game where the competition was only with himself. Despite this, she is now competing with the entire world and seems determined to win the championship.

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