July 25, 2024

Bellator 263 Results: Live Streaming Play-by-Play Updates | ‘Pitbull vs McGee’

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Bellator 263: “Pitbull vs McKee” airs on TONIGHT (Saturday, July 31, 2021) to broadcast show time from a forum in Los Angeles, California. The topic of the event will be a featherweight title fight between Division Kingpin, Patricio Freer and AJ McKee. This competition will also mark the end of the promotion $ 1 million Featherweight Grand Prix, Which started in mid-2019 and was delayed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Bellator263‘S main cover will air on the show at 10 p.m. MMAmania.com Below is the full cover of Pelletar 263’s TV section and the results of the detailed play.

Many readers share their thoughts on all actions, both before and after a fight. Leave a comment (or 263) about fighting with all the other maniacs during the show – it’s always so much fun!

Pelletter 263 Quick results

145 lbs.
145 pounds: Mats Burnell against Emmanuel Sanchez
155 lbs .: Usman Normagomedov Against Money wall – Nurmagomedov via first round TKO
155 lbs .: Brent Primus Against Islam Mamatov – Mamatov by the end of the split
155 lbs .: கோய்தி யமூச்சி Against Chris Gonzalez – Yamauchi first round via TKO
125 lbs: Vanessa Porto Against Ilara Joanne – Porto by split end
155 lbs .: Katzi Rabatanov Against Daniel Carey – Rapatanov via first round knockout (Highlights)
145 lbs: Kasan Makometsharibov Against Jonathan Kuiros – Makometsharibov via second round TKO (Highlights)
180 lbs: Joshua Jones Against Johnny Cisneros – Jones via Second Round TKO
155 lbs .: George Karakanyan Against Kiefer Crosby – Karaganyan, first round submission
135 lbs .: Brian Moore Against Jordan Vinci – Moore by consensus

By playing Bellator 263:

Patrick vs. Pitbull AJ McKee – Featherweight World Grand Prix Final

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Final result:

Emmanuel Sanchez Against Mates Burnell

Round 1: Sanchez’s high kick. Burnell goes for the single leg, no. Good low foot of the barn. Body shot from Sanchez, then above. Body shot from the barn and Sanchez fired immediately. No one backed down at this slugfest. Sanchez is a good liver shot but Burnell eats it right. Burnell and Sanchez’s lock kick shoots again and again. The two exchange shots until Burnell goes inside and lands. A nice two-punch combination at the Burnell interval. These two men let it all fly. What a great first round. Blood is coming from Sanchez’s left eye. The good top cut from Sanchez finds its place, and Burnell goes for another downgrade, and he gets it. Best first round. 10-9 Burnell

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:

Usman Normagomedov Against Money wall

Round 1: Normagomedov kicks high and then follows it with another, straight right hand. Another high foot. Nurmagomedov quickly picked him up and now he has a back. Muro in trouble here. Nurmakomedov searches for posterior naked suffocation. Muro eating scenes from the side. He fights, but Usman comes too fast and drops him back down. Muro comes back, but Normagomedov drops him down again. Muros’ eye begins to swell. He changes position and he gets up again. Normagomedov tags him with a bad knee and drops Muro. Normagomedov goes to the assassination and wins the first round stop.

Final result: Nurmagomedov def. Muro via first round TKO

Brent Primus Against Islam Mamdov

Round 1: Kick the leg from inside the mammoth. Primus with a one-two mix. Kicking the body from the mammoth, Primus gives support. The big right hand from the mammoth found its place. Double jab from Primus. Primus pushes Mamto into the cage and lowers his right and left hand. Mamedov turned the situation upside down and pushed the former champion against the cage. Reverse from Primus. Mametov changes position and unloads a downgrade. Primus is looking for an ankle, and now Mamedov is in full protection. Primus is looking for an omophilus. Mamedov is back in custody. Primus kept him close to the body. Mamedov splits up and tries to lower the floor a little. 10-9 Mamedov

Round 2: Start the round with the mammoth jumping knee. Primus grabbed him and pushed him before pushing him down into the cage. Primus immediately withdraws. Jogging to the opposite position of the cage. Nice elbow from Primus lands. Mamedov has a good judo throw and side control. Primus is looking for submission, but Mametov defends well. Below, though, Primus is too busy looking for submission, forcing Mamto to defend. 10-9 Primus

Round 3: Mamedov initially wiped out Primus, who jumped in half defense. Again Primus defends and attacks from below. The close fight that goes to the final round. Nice short elbow from lower position to primrose. In the same format as in the first two rounds, Mamotov is in first place but has not done much of it. Primus is holding Mamto’s hand tightly, he twists it, he actually bends it, but he refuses to tap. Wow, that seemed like a pain. Primus may go, Mamedov is back in defense. It will be a tough fight to beat. 10-9 Mamedov

Final result: Mamedov Def. Primary by split end

கோய்தி யமூச்சி Against Chris Gonzalez

Round 1: Gonzalez opens with a high kick. The left hand also grazes the yamuchi facing with a high kick. Severe blows to the body from Yamachi and another. Gonzalez’s low kick. Inside the kicking leg and the jumping knee. Kick to body lands for Gonzalez. Uppercut lands to Gonzalez to fire again. Serious first round. They exchange knees at the clinch. Opposite right hook from Gonzalez. Yamauchi combined three punches and then cut the top right. Yamuchi landed Gonzalez with a straight right hand! He started throwing bombs to put an end to the fighting. Wow

Final result: Yamauchi Def. Gonzalez first round via TKO

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