February 26, 2024

Brazil leads the list and has the 19th most valuable passport in the world



The Henley Passport Index ranks the best and most powerful passports in the world

Having a “strong” passport can literally open many doors for you – or borders, to be exact. This is the situation Japanelect The best passport in the world In the quarterly update of the program Henley Passport Index, a rating that monitors the strength of passports and ranks which ones give the best access to the largest number of destinations worldwide. In all, 199 different passports and 227 travel destinations were analyzed.

As in recent versions, the Japanese passport tops the index, allowing visa-free access to 193 destinations – another number from the previous order and register for the list. Asia continues to dominate at the top, with Singapore And the South Korea It tied for second place, with 192 destinations.

The rest of the first places of the European Union. The Spain It climbed one place and now shares third place with Germanywith exemption from visa / visa on arrival with a score of 190. United kingdom And the United State It decreased by one point and is now sixth (187) and seventh (186) respectively.

It now ranks 19th, more than the last ranking, which is Brazilian passport It gives free access to 170 destinations around the world – as well Argentina.

According to the survey, Russian passport holders are “more isolated from the rest of the world than ever before”, as sanctions, travel bans and airspace closures limit entry of citizens to other countries. The Russia Today it ranks 50th in the rankings, with a score of 119 without visa/visa on arrival.

The worst passport in the world still Afghanistan, only 27. Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen are also at the bottom of the index.

Check out the world’s best passports below:

  • Japan – 193, 1st place
  • Singapore – 192, second place (tie)
  • South Korea – 192, second place (tie)
  • Germany – 190, third place (tie)
  • Spain – 190, third place (tie)
  • Finland – 189, fourth place (tie)
  • Italy – 189, fourth place (tie)
  • Luxembourg – 189, fourth place (tie)
  • Austria – 188, 5th place (tie)
  • Denmark – 188, fifth place (tie)
  • Netherlands – 188, fifth place (tie)
  • Sweden – 188, 5th place (tie)